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  • hello !

    supertalk is free to browse as a guest. You need to be a member to participate in discussions or buy and sell on the classifieds.

    From 2021 new membership is $US 6 / year.

    You can also become a premium superseller or supermember. Businesses who want to promote their brand and products need to become a supersponsor. superfuture is privately owned and has been online continuously for 22 years. It is a digital cockroach and will survive all current and future apocalypses.  

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    • By Modoc
      I've been a member of Superfuture since 2005 (not under this account, of course) and have always appreciated the sharing of knowledge and conversations this forum facilitates.

      Over the years I've been collecting watches and have always been underwhelmed by the lack of variety when it comes to watch straps. With that in mind, I started Modoc Watch Co. as a simple passion project and I hope you'll enjoy it...


      About the company:
      Modoc Watch Co. is a one-man operation based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our pieces weren't born out of an ostentatious mantra, or the notion of selling you a fictional lifestyle where you don a Modoc Watch, instantly acquire full sleeve tattoos and have your beard stroked by Cara Delevingne while you gallivant across a desert wasteland in a 65' Dodge Charger (that would be pretty sweet though). There's no back-story about finding T. Bone Dongbeard's lost design journal in an abandoned denim factory in Red Hook. Nay, the Modoc Watch Co. story is slightly less glamorous: I want to offer you a curated collection of high quality watches and watch straps, at a reasonable price.
      We currently offer two watch sets and a variety of straps. I hope to be able to offer new straps (in collaboration with various artists) every month as well as a new watch design in the near future.
      All Modoc Watch Co. Watch Sets come with:
      - 1 x Watch
      - 3 x Watch Straps of your choosing
      - 1 x Ballistic Nylon Travel Case
      I'll post some pics and specs in the next post...
      All Superfuture members will receive 10% off their order by using the code MODOC10
      Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/modocwatch/
      Follow us on Tumblr: http://modocwatch.tumblr.com
      Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modocwatch
      Email: [email protected]
      Always happy to answer questions, and appreciate you taking a look! 
    • By LightVII
      SILAS 10th Anniversary x Seiko Wired H Watch brand new. This is SUPER rare and LIMITED. It is impossible to find one these days, let alone one in brand new condition. Mad lots of details, 11 Swarovski crystals, croc leather band as well as a solar interface which automatically charges your battery on any light source (sunlight etc.).

      $500 excluding shipping and 4% Paypal fee.
      Item will be shipped from Malaysia.

    • By grav.itas
      Item: Brand new in box Rolex Submariner w/o date. Authenticity card, box etc. is included. Even the plastic is still on it, I have never worn this watch.
      Price: US$ 8575 + shipping. This is AT LEAST US$ 9000 in retail.
      RFS: Leaving my 9-5 to go full time in shoe making. Need some money as a kickstarter.

      For any questions, request for more pictures or other inquiries, please PM me or reach me by email at [email protected]
  • Heron Preston Navy Style Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    $US 305