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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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On 11/9/2017 at 2:30 PM, edmond said:

Raffy u need a 36 on these they shrink like a mother a 33 would be a just right fit 

Hi Ed,


Will try to check them out when I fly to Manila on Nov. 17th.



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touch down!

W33 measures 89cm raw in the waist (straight, aligned) - this is at least 1 size above what I normally would order in raw (84-86cm), but that's as expected when I said I would size up 1 for a farmer's look (and some cinch action)...

let's see about shrinkage (tonight) and stretch (tomorrow) next.





3 3 3 - the number of the beast!

@volvo240thebest - I think your friend is best served with a W32, if not a W31...


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Glad to see foxy is finally served his pair!

Volvo: I agree with photo-quality drop on sufu server (but some of my pix are so low quality, that doesnt affect them...) - seems to make viewing on a phone much smoother (I wonder if that is the reason)

re: sizing recommends - my thoughts at the moment (aka degraded 2cents), and this is in general, as I have no RMC knowledge: is

a: statistics: one of the reasons I went bigger is the claimed shortness of front rise: with that resolved (i.e. that front rise is not as small) going smaller is ok

b: but then spending time with the fabric (and this is absolutely qualified by my farmer fit consciousness, bias, blah etc) i wonder if tension on the fabric is good as it stretches to such a degree anyway... and does the stretch mess with the potential drape 

i look forward very much to seeing how some of these fits go!

and in constant homage to Karl, I am sure most have seen already, but yes, his outfits, fits and fades are most lovely

and thanks again to all involved in making the contest happen and in taking part: I look fwd to how this develops!

and aho: great to know denim feels are invigorated! your fits and fades and observations are always top: any more thoughts on possible footwear now?



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6 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

and aho: great to know denim feels are invigorated! your fits and fades and observations are always top: any more thoughts on possible footwear now?

You're too kind! As far as footwear, today is my first day wearing them in public (#farmersfit?!) so I'm definitely on the self-conscious side admittedly as I haven't worn jeans this loose since around 2010 when I wore 1936 LVC's. To hell with it though! Rather farmer's fit than undersized skinnies...They're doing well with my White's boots, but I'd like to wear them casually with low top Vans, etc. as well. I think engineer boots would be perfect regardless!

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It's a slow saturday in Gothenburg, savouring yesterdays win over Italy. The weather was really nice though so I went for a fika at Café Höganord and browse their record store which is just across a small hallway. Höganord is also a record label, perhaps some of you have seen it pop up in Second Sunrise's, formerly known as Unionville's Instagram feed. Definitely worth checking out.


On my way home I shot some pics of typical 1930's apartment complexes from my neighborhood. Not my cup of tea.





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8 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

Greetings from Budapest. I'm here for a concert, not time for sightseeing as usual, ....





That's too bad because Budapest is absolutely world class. It's also the home of the famous Vass shoes...


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Just passed my order on to Volvo to pass on to the powers that be after hearing of the offer of making a few pairs for late comers.

So its looking like I will be able to join after all! Hopefully my jeans show up before you guys are in the full honeycomb zone. Very excited

(Here is a picture of me at The Shop Vancouver a few days ago trying on a pair of the 1 wash 20s that didnt fully fit me)


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2 park trips 

2 foot to cuff comparisons 

2 grensons, shoe and boot

(and guest starring a third, a wee un with a nice pair of primigi boots)

checking and referring

moving outside of americana or ametora or what not

thinking about the 20s on the other side of the atlantic as a time of radical transformations in aesthetics and more

for the shoe: a reference: a crop of august sander's late 1920s shot of workers (posted earlier down the thread)

for the boot: thinking of rodchenko's 1924 portrait of the ever ebullient vladimir mayakovsky (whose appropriately titled - yet provocatively toned - poem 'cloud in trousers' from 1914 concludes this post as excerpt and can be found attached in full)

thinking of the ubiquity of the look down shot for our Insta-fashion short hand: remembering such photographic shifts in perspective also arrives from rodchenko's attempts in the 20s to revolutionise our visual understanding













Mayakovsky Cloud in Trousers.pdf

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washed and machine tumbled my pair over the weekend - they shrank roughly 8% in warp. from a 89cm waist down to 82cm (inseam from 90cm to 82.5cm) - I did a 60C machine wash followed by a 2hr hot drying cycle. the leather patch was pretty much fried when I took them out - I thought it lost, but another regular wash (40C) at low spin immediately afterwards had the patch miraculously recovering...

overall, they did shrink a lot down to the desired measurements, so that I put them on for the first time on Sunday with a single cuff. been wearing them in the house for most of that day, including a little outing to a food market in the evening. sorry no pics as I was too busy eating.

I see what @Paul T was pointing out - this is probably the softest, loosest weave by TCB right out of the washing machine. quite a departure from many LVC models and the tighter Cone weaves - coming from TCB however it shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

wearing them right now and I think they have stretched comfortably and I should be able to reign in any further stretch with that cinch.



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Hi guys, just sent PayPal invoices to the second batch of contestants. Waiting for final confirmation from a few more potential contestants. Please let us (me or Volvo) know soon as we need to send out the orders to Hajime within the next few days. Thanks

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