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BUG 010 - SSL certificate [FIXED!]

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yep. it's being provisionally processed. not sure what the hold-up is... trying to sort it out.

update: installed so it should start propagating in next 24-48 hours...

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should be working now...

though that seems to have caused a few other issues where scripts run into content not served over https

but seems to be loading faster...[?] as an unexpected consequence... 


suspecting this might have affected logins too - over the last hour... 

we've updated facebook and twitter connect so that should be ok now.

if anyone having issue please send email to support [at] superfuture.com 



// i can't post a new topic

// i can't PM - get an error saying 'title needs to be more than 2 characters'

trying to find some assistance from techland...



also to note - new version supertalk is in sandbox dev atm... [more on that soon...] 

... supertalk will be more mobile freindlier!!



It appears to be expired again, so when logging in you're logging in under a non https:// domain!

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