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TCB Happy Jeans contest: final submission thread

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Hello there gents!

the contest is getting closer to the end and I think it's the right time to open the final submissions thread.

I am pleased to say that our pairs will be evaluated by the most qualified, knowledgeable and competent panel of judges this contest could ever have: the TCB factory workers!

Here we have our 7 samurais:









Tango (!)


Tora (!)


and, of course, Hajime!


let's agree on a final submission deadline for march 31st please.

for ease of consultation's sake I'd suggest to keep all of our final submissions within a maximum of 10 photos/1 post/no external links to IMGUR galleries or similar. this procedure will hopefully keep the thread more easy and straightforward to read, and anyhow 10 photos are plenty to display the greatness of the fades!

for the same above mentioned matter please don't reply any comments to the submission thread.

All comments could be directed to the TCB contest thread and you're all welcome to cross post your final submissions on both threads.

yours truly


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Hello Everyone


Thank you very much for me to support the TCB

18 months from the start of the contest

We got the power to look at every day post

I have reviewed the final entry has been jeans in-house


And the results announced







The winner is the volvo 3 vote



Everyone who participated


Thank you very very much



Also I will do my best the best of making things from now

Please look forward to it



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thank you one and all! I am very happy and still quite surprised to have won, but I won't complain about it! If I was a judge I would have definitely picked up Paul T's pair.

as I seen the news I was wearing the victory pants


e poco dopo abbiamo festeggiato la vittoria con un bel cabaret di paste!

I don't know how to translate some of the words so you get the Italian version for your very fine understanding this time!


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