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WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]


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HTC VIVE (Just because it's more interesting than censoring my face with a block)

Acronym EJ-1A.

Brutal Systems 3A-like with Brutal Systems pouch.

1kcorp t-shirt.

Uniqlo U Wide Fit cargos.

Acronym Presto CG's. 

PSP 2000.

Indoor picture cause I didn't get the chance when I was out.


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You're in for a treat. Byborre joins Acronym as the only two brands to really pique my interest in the last ~10 years. Techwear as a whole is boring as shit. Previously I'd look at things and think, why would I cop this instead of Acronym? But Byborre approaches the fusion of aesthetics, performance and technicality in a completely new way. Genuinely exciting stuff. Added bonus is they're great worn together

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@fasttimes @beepy I totally agree about the 'boring as...' hence my absence from here as of late really, been going back to my past taste from the 80's & 90's with a modern twist, brands like Norbit, Eastlogue, And Wander on the outdoor side of things appeal alot more but byBorre really pushes my buttons, loving the colours the 3d knit/weave and it is line with my furniture & fabric fetish too, Kvadrat springs to mind, echoes of early sisp too in a way?

Most 'techwear' is now copy&paste and has been for a few years, the old "first they laugh then they copy" really rings true.

I like the forward thinking eco-ness too so trying to track down the odd item now, no real idea on sizing though not being to try on is a bit daunting.


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Was just chatting with Matthijs from Byborre about the Adidas/Byborre True Color colab. It was just an R&D project, but such interest has been shown that they are considering bringing it to life.


In any case the FW20 collection will be incorporating True Color as part of their sustainability initiatives.

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14 minutes ago, SlackJackflack said:


J84-S/P30A-DS/Thirsty Bandit. HD15 in chest pocket

Are those legit p30a’s? Fit looks pretty off

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