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WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

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5 minutes ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

There are two points there, sorry. First is the Rick quote, then there's my opinion. 

Techwear is not just about waterproofing though. The cuts, breathability and functionality are also important characteristics. Spending so much money on these kinds of clothings but neglecting your physicality seems a bit ironic.

I respectfully disagree. We’re not discussing say athletics here where perhaps someone might get that new aerodynamic swimming suit then slack off in training. Function is for everyone. 

Fashion as already acknowledged is different. I’ll stress again that I respect the Rick quote but it’s also worth pointing out that what size is considered looking good is culturally specific. It’s possible to ‘fat’ and beautiful — also to be ‘fat’ and healthy! If you want to be thin or bulky then by all means go for it but I pause when someone says self-hate or encouraging others to publicly hate

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2 hours ago, SuE said:

Hold up. I’ve always respected that Rick quote but don’t conflate fashion and function. No amount of working out is going to make your body waterproof 

Skin is already waterproof. 

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let's see some fits for a change lol

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