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SAPAYOL made-to-measure leather jackets – OFFICIAL

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Hi, I’m Ediz, and I’ve founded SAPAYOL because I’m obsessed with making really exceptional leather jackets without compromises. 

Like many of you, I want every object I own to be made with the greatest care and be an expression of myself – or at least what I aspire to be. In the case of leather jackets, I believe that I can actually make something that reflects that and give people access to it.
I found a small atelier in Istanbul (Turkey) with five tailors who have been making luxury leather jackets all their life. Most of them have been working together for over 30 years. Only the most precious materials are being used: vegetable-tanned, full–grain lamb leather from a world-class tannery in Turkey, YKK Excella zippers, and Bemberg Cupro lining. At the same time, all our partners pay above-average salary, have healthy working conditions and treat the environment with respect.
Every jacket is made-to-measure and delivered within three weeks. Hardware and lining color can also be chosen.
Right now, we just launched with our first style, a double rider. But in Spring, we’re going to add an A2ish jacket, a coffee racer, and an MA-1. Around the same time, I’d like to add goat leather as an option.
I have a pretty clear vision of where things are headed, but I would be very happy if you shared your opinion on the current double rider and the design of the upcoming styles. In my experience, from lurking around here, you have very strong opinions too...
What would be important to you, design-wise?
Upcoming styles: https://sapayol.com/jackets
This is the very start of SAPAYOL. It would be great to get some advice from people that know what they’re talking about. That’s the goal of this post. Any constructive feedback is really appreciated.
Below some images from the double rider, for those who are reluctant to leave SuFu.


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welcome to superfuture



Thanks! So much time wasted already on the WAYWT threads, highly motivated to continue doing that.

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