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Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.


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I agree on format: old school forums will always be king. They focus on creating a repository of relevant information in a dedicated space. Modern media platforms aren't tailored to that whatsoever. They're about consumption: what can I push to the user right now to drive engagement? How can we get them to spend more time on the platform? Let's just shuffle the same content deck of cards around endlessly, that'll keep 'em hooked. Then add in the fact that their search features are generally trash, making it pointless to even try to find anything that's already been said which ends up creating an endless circle of repetitious questions.

I think the thing that's nice about this hobby is that it doesn't have to be all the time consuming, you can passively enjoy it while doing other stuff too. And really that's what makes this place great, people from all different backgrounds and locales, sharing different hobbies they enjoy through a common shared lens of denim, etc.

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I found a block of stilton in the cellar today while checking the gas and electric meter, i bought it last Christmas, ate some of it then completely forgot about it :D

This is what 11 mth old stilton looks like..



It's absolutely rock hard and devoid of all moisture but it doesn't smell off

Maybe grate it into a sauce?.. thinks my 'waste not, want not' northern sensibilities

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I store all my cheese in the cellar.. perfect cheese storing conditions down there, humidity levels and such, it certainly wouldn't last 11 months free of mould in the fridge.. it's what we in the cheese community would call a 'good cellar'

We buy blocks of Red Leicester from the supermarket for sarnies.. that stuff lives in the fridge but once a year at Christmas i go to the deli on Sharrow Vale road and spend a kings ransom on swanky cheeses to nibble on over xmas.. i probably went back to work in the new year, forgot all about that block of stilton.. and there it stayed... the only sobs were due to wasting a lovely wedge of cheese!

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43 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

That 11 month old Stilton looks just the same as a new one as far as I’m concerned.

You're not wrong Martin

11 months ago


..and now


1 hour ago, CSL said:

So a cool, humid environment is best for preserving cheese?

My post was based entirely on assumptions Carl rather than any kind of knowledge.. it's what folks did before refrigeration.. y'know, in less civilised times or the 1980s here in the north of England :D

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I'd forgotten this was 'in the north'. No doubt in the old days they kept it under an elderly relative's armpit until needed.😉😇

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I finished RoboDoc the 4pt documentary on the making last week.. it was excellent! ..yesterday i gently persuaded my missus to watch the directors cut of RoboCop with me.. i used the line "it's way better than Terminator or Predator" :D

The last time i watched RoboCop was back in 1987 when i watched it at least a million times in a week on pirate VHS before i had to give it back.. having watched all the struggles during the making, it gave the film a whole new perspective.. for instance, it took them 12 hrs to shoot the 5 second clip of RoboCop catching the keys to ther cop car because the keys kept bouncing off his polyurathane Robo-gloves.. anywho, that aside, it was refreshing to have a film finish in 1.5 hrs instead of a yawn inducing 3.

After it had finished i went perusing the webz for vintage Robo merch and found this bootleg.. 'Robert Cop 2' .. £750 mint in box.. 5x more valuable than any legit Robo merch..


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There is a corner near our house which i've affectionately named 'bike corner' .. folks leave their old bikes/bike parts there 'free to a good home' .. i take the more interesting examples home and offer them up for karma (collection) on the bike forums i contribute to..

Rare 1970's Lapierre mixtie - even has the original stainless mudguards and Soubitez front dynamo lamp


Giant Cadex


..a bunch of wheels last week.. some Hope hubs and these carbon Novotec


.. yesterday morning i found this old sewing machine B)


There was a full set of golf clubs once, I let the scrapman take those.. i don't think golfers should ever be encouraged ! :D

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Are they at least getting sold at some kind of auction? 
The place I grew up with, had a problem with the bikes being left at the train station, so every year they had a deadline, up until that you had to remove your bike. Else they would take an angle grinder to the lock and auction them off at the auction. 

At least the young ones and people knowing how to repair the basics could get cheap(-er) bikes that way. 

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I got 3 questions right in a row last week while watching University Challenge.. all 3 were about bike parts.. first answer was stem, second was crank and third was dropouts.. all the students were flummoxed.
In your face academia!!
@ 24.40

Q. What 5 letter word denotes the part which connects the pedal to the axle of the bottom bracket?

A. Erm, Spoke?

F'kin spoke?..
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