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Quality Miscellany For Sale: Mister Freedom, Warehouse, Engineered Garments, Kapital, LVC

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All pieces are either new w/ or w/out tags with the exception of the Kapital jacket. Feel free to PM me w/ reasonable offers or questions. As a caveat, lowball offers will be ignored. Shipping: FREE. I ship via USPS Priority Mail (in the continental US) to ensure peace of mind. Insurance can be added, but at cost to buyer. Here's the quick list of items I have for sale-- scroll for measurements and details.
1) Engineered Garments Wool Camo Bedford Jacket, Navy, size M. $325 (Retail: $500+)
2) Kapital Indigo Egyptian Twill M-65 Jacket, size 4 (M/L). $350 (Retail: $861) SOLD
3) Heller's Cafe by Warehouse x J.Crew Lion Pant Mastered, size 32 (fits 33/34). $200 (Retail: $545)
4) Levi's Vintage Clothing 1915's Sunset Shirt, size L. $86 (Retail: $150+)
5) Levi's Vintage Clothing 1920's Two-Pocket Sunset Shirt, size M. $57 (Retail: $220)
6) Mister Freedom Sweat Shorts, Grey and Red. $57 (Retail: $149.95) 
7) Warehouse Peanuts/Snoopy T-Shirt, Navy, size M (fits S). $36 (Retail: $60)
8) Dana Lee Pocket Tee, Yellow, size S. $36 (Retail: $55)
1) Bedford jacket in a tonal navy and grey patterned camouflage, made w/ 94% custom Woolrich wool and 6% nylon. 
P2P: 21
Shoulder: 18.5
Length: 27.5
P2Cuff: 18.75
2) Kapital Indigo Egyptian Twill M-65 Jacket. Worn sparingly and is in excellent condition. I love this jacket, but I've not had many occasions to wear it b/c I have too many jackets in the rotation. Google this jacket for more info and pics. It's a work of art. SOLD
P2P: 21.5
Shoulder: 19.5
Length: 30.5
P2Cuff: 19.75
3) Heller's Cafe by Warehouse x J.Crew Lion Pant Mastered. Memphis cotton. From Larry McKaughan's personal archive and designed by Warehouse, these are based on a pair of 1920s blues from the now-defunct workwear label Lion brand. Finished with details typical of WWI-era U.S. Army pants, these sport single-needle stitching, two back pockets and a hand-finished master wash. 
Waist: 16.5
Inseam: 32.25
Leg Opening: 8.5 
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4) Levi's Vintage Clothing 1915's Sunset Shirt. Made in Italy.


P2P: 24

Shoulder: 21.5

Length: 34

P2Cuff: 22.5






5) Levi's Vintage Clothing 1920's Two-Pocket Sunset Shirt. New, but needs some sewing to repair (see photo), hence the deep discount. If you don't want to pay your local tailor to do it, I will, although I'd rather not (If you can't tell already, I have too many clothes).


P2P: 22

Shoulder: 18

Length: 30

P2Cuff: 19






6) Mister Freedom Sweat Shorts. Purchased at a sample sale awhile ago, these sweats are made from vintage 50s and 60s cotton sweatpants, both pieces are definitely rare and one-of-a-kind. I confirmed that these were the real deal (PM me for details, no pimping out names here). They have no pockets, so really they're laid back and perfect for lounging around, kickin' it, or working out. Tried my best to measure these, but they're sweatpants-- they have elastic waistbands with drawstrings, so you can let ‘em loose or tie 'em up.



Waist: 18

Inseam: 16.5

Leg Opening: 10





Waist: 18

Inseam: 16

Leg Opening: 8




7) Warehouse Peanuts Tee. Great tee, but I sized incorrectly, since it fits small.


P2P: 19.25

Shoulder: 17.5

Length: 23.5




8) Dana Lee Yellow Pocket Tee. 


P2P: 20.5

Shoulder: 17

Length: 25.75





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