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Bonhomie. High quality staples for men with no retail markups. OFFICIAL THREAD

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We are here to introduce to Superfuture our new project coming from Helsinki, Finland. Our team has a long history working with clothing in fields such as retail, garment manufacturing and photography, but this is our first independent brand and we’d be delighted to hear Superfuture users' comments and thoughts.

We will be an online only brand and that is why we are able to offer you products with high standards of quality at such a low price-point. We are not just a shirt company and have more products in groundworks to release in the upcoming months, we just chose to start with perfecting one garment at a time.
If you happen to be in Helsinki either living or just visiting, feel free to message us to arrange a time at our office in Punavuori and check out the products in person. We are flexible and look forward to meet some of our customers in person!
Please kindly follow our social media to keep updated with what we are doing and post your thoughts here or to us via e-mail.

Thank you for checking our thread and let us know what we can help you with!


Ps: Apply "superfuture" coupon code upon checkout to get 10% off of your order!

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do u guys have plans to do sweet fedoras in the future? super excited to see next years winner of the "sexiest man in finland" btw

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In the next few months we have other clothing items in the works. We will keep all updated on social media and superfuture when deadlines and final patterns are set. Meanwhile you are free to drop by our office at a pre arranged time if you feel like checking our products in person!

Thanks for the interest!

Pitäydyttekö pelkissä paidoissa vai tuleeko jotain muutakin tulevaisuudessa?

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