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external monitor vs TV?


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Yeah, it totally depends on what you're trying to do. If you're only going to be watching at your desk (which it seems like bc you said a small monitor) then just go with HDMI. It's easy to just plug in and mirror your display. If you're using it in a bigger room, go with Apple TV and Airplay. 


I personally have both. In my room I have a 27" HDMI monitor I hook up to my MBP for when I'm working, and in our living room the TV is hooked up to an Apple TV, so if I want to watch TV and be on my laptop on the couch I can do that too. It's also better since I don't have to worry about a cable going all the way across the room from the TV.

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yeah, i'd just be using it to watch torrented stuff in my room really; i have an older LCD monitor but unfortunately it doesn't have HDMI. i guess i still don't really 'get' apple tv, it's just used to wirelessly stream stuff from your mac right? i haven't owned a tv in almost a decade, i'm worried i'll be tempted to buy a ps4 if i get one now haha.

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