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fuckt he denim on these are fucking awesome. any one whos interested try a pair just try a pair and youll know

How did you size on these Ed? I'm currently is Sapporo and I bumped into a store called Anatomica that sells both the one wash and raw version. Kinda expensive to be honest but seems really well made.


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Hmm i think your a 34 on the 66 cut. Yeah anatomica sapporo pls also look into their alden on the modified last they are the comfiest aldens you can buy. And looks amazing

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I did see the Alden's which is very tempting. I actually tried a size 33 in the 50 and the 66(one wash). They were snug but should be good after they stretch out. Do you think a 33 in the raw version is the way to go or should I go for a 34?

Thanks again.

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Ed the Boncoura denim looks really nice, need a pair at some point. Either the 66 or the XX.

Also does Signet sell the 41 chino from Boncoura? They look really nice. Trying to track a pair down.

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Just got mine today.

Initial impressions whilst photographing are that they are no frills, but well made.

Denim is nice, mildly irregular, not hairy. The indigo is fairly dark and consistent.

Fabric is pre-soak, so a bit stiff, but handles well and is not scratchy.

Stitching is very neat, very well done. Attention to details is good.

Hardware is superb - nice buttons, and nice rivets too.

Leather patch has a good, soft hand - deer skin? Surprisingly tasteful patch design, and no typos!

Pocket cloth is exceptional herringbone - agree with Ed, shirting quality indeed.


Don't want to spam the thread.

Will have more detailed photos and thoughts on my blog soon.


Off to the bath it goes!





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That 66 model looks surprisingly more tapered than I would have expected. Excellent! Really looking forward to seeing a pair in person soon.


Thanks for the review, always nice to see more info on these harder-to-find brands.

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Nice write up on the 66's, is the coin pocket chainstitched or does it have selvedge on the inside?

I'm convinced that I'll get a pair of the XX jeans now, they remind me a bit of what Ooe does. Straight forward, thoughtfully made jeans.

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