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Fullcount special run interest check


Cut ???  

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  1. 1. chose the cut you like

    • 1108
    • 1109
    • 1101
    • 1922
    • ww2
    • 0105
    • 1110z
  2. 2. arcs ???

    • standard
    • slim
  3. 3. buttons ???

    • standard
    • doughnut
    • black doughnut
  4. 4. pocket bags

    • chambray
    • flannel
    • herringbone
    • standard

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Ed, any news on the jeans finishing production as scheduled?

(Maybe some pictures, too?)

Just curious and excited, eagerly waiting...

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sorry for the delay again . but fullcoutn will ship out between 19-23 any of those dates via air to us . will ariive prollly a week. then giveus a couple of days to sort and well start shipping out via EMS to you people who supported this project i am sure you will be pleased with the fabric. cause i was and i am and it s not your ordinary fc fabric.it feels courser and rougher just like a evisu no1 fabric. anyways we are almost there! thank you

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Ed I know you said that there would be 15 pairs that are unpaid for, do you happen to know what models and sizes are available? I might be interested.

bro send me a pm and ill sort you out

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it feels courser and rougher just like a evisu no1 fabric.


Thanks for that - after seeing the No 1's recently in London I was getting tempted, mainly due to the fabric - now I (probably) wont worry...


Oh, Ed and Miki have just 'grammed a pair - looking preeeetty sweet. Is it just me or do the arcs sit lower than usual on the pockets? Not bothered either way and I am certainly no FC expert but was just curious.

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Ah, that makes sense... Cheers mate.

Never really caught my attention before but I notice after a quick shufty that full count arcs are quite low on the pockets as standard (not central like some others), so taller pockets would indeed highlight it more.

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  • 2 weeks later...



1922 wild cotton 13.5 oz.  worn a couple of months. and washed when i feel like it.


on the other note


shipment will be here tomorrow and will be delivered on wednesday to the warehouse.


well start shipping out after easter



well send an email  to confirm address to you pls revert as soon as you can so we can ship them out


thank you






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i took home some pairs for fitting for myself and took some RAW measurements



1101 size 33    w 171/2"  thigh 13 3/8" knee 9 1/2 " front  rise 12 " b rise 16 3/8" inseam 38 " hem 8 1/2"


1108 size 34    w 18"   thigh 12 1/2 " knee 91/4"  front rise 12 1/4" b rise 15 1/2" inseam 36 1/4" hem 8 3.8"



0105 size 32  w 17" thigh 13 1/2" knee 9 3/4" front rise 12" b rise 16 3/4" inseam 36 1/4" hem 9"


0105 size 34 w 18 1/4" thigh 13 3/4" knee 10 1/8" front rise 12 3/8" b rise 17" inseam 37 7/8" hem 9 3/8"




any of you needs measurements let me know pls

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Wow, looks great. I just wish I had money for these. Going to manila for a friend's wedding at the end of April and then I am going to be in Tokyo during golden week so I need to save my money to get something there.

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