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superfuture is now issuing subscribers with a free supercard !!


for supermemberssupersellerssupermember [+] supersellers, and superartisans who have purchased a minimum subscription of $US14...


the idea is that eventually supercard holders will be able to utilise their supercard to get discounts or other privileges from participating partners. 


not yet a subscriber? then this should be one more reason to sign up !!


we are also now looking for superfuture x partners who can work with us. if interested, send us your genius thoughts and smart proposals and we can talk. at this point anything is possible. email us at:

[email protected]




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      we have agreed to create ANOTHER superartisan thread in SUPERSHOPPER... so there will now be TWO superartisan threads... 
      01 SUPERARTISAN [on superdenim] --> Superartisans Denim & Leather Brands
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      --> subscribers should be able to move posts from one thread to another but if you have trouble just pm the mods.
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