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best sufu disses, comebacks & zingers

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Cotton duck once called me and told me " you are not superfuture" with people laughing in the background.

I'm not even sure how he got my phone number


i was there. laughing on the background. as always.

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I bet you're one of those dickhead dudebros who uses "sjw" as an insult

Go back to trying to imitate a korean pop star's vagina with your hand, you piece of shit


aw someone is offended again,  might as well get off the internet before you're triggered for the third time in a week, fuck out of here, go white knight somewhere else.


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the kuya swagpoo one is a zinger.  make a best of sufu zinger thread if you're going to post that

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not a direct diss, but i guess it fits here now with the new thread title, definitely the hardest i laughed at a sufu post in a while (mostly cuz mrip) and this gangbang def needs to be documented for sufu history:




Dude you look good in a way that would appeal to a lot of people if you like dressing this way very much and it makes you happy I am also very happy for you, but 

I wanted to say it the last time someone wore a bomber with leather derbies (uc ma-1 with 1461s iirc) but I'm going to say what's been bothering me for a while now instead and maybe you'll change your views too:


Unless you want to sort of look a little more like a skin for whatever reason (which I doubt), 

the combination of a bomber jacket with traditional leather shoes makes no fucking sense at all.


You see, conventionally, a typical MA-1 style jacket (well, yours has an asymmetric zip which is a detail I personally loathe on bomber jackets but it's still very much a bomber jacket) is constructed out of water-resistant and a tough nylon and is designed to ensure unobstructed movement inside a cramped space (cockpits which gradually got smaller as aviation technology got more advanced).

It's the embodiment of a new age of garments out of new materials and new conditions we have to shield ourselves from. 


Durable, Unobtrusive/Light, Warm/Safe.


The Bomber Jacket emerged in the post ww2 jet age when the western world has slowly recovered from shock the horrors of the senseless bomb war in europe, brutalist architecture with its raw honesty popped up left and right, in another 20 years mankind would have shot gigantic steel tubes strapped with explosives to the moon to let some dude walk up on there for a few minutes. 


Later, the bomber jackets found their way into civilian wear and are still used today for their practicality and durability.



Now your shoes are styled after victorian era leather shoes with an cushioned orthopedic sole tacked on.

It makes for a great casual leather shoe when you want to dress up a bit not, but compared to the wealth of shoes we have available today, they are uncomfortable with prolonged use, have to be kept dry because of the leather and are quite heavy and clunky to walk in.


So all in all, the only parts of your outfit worth noting where the eyes are drawn to, the outermost layer and your shoes, don't get along at all.


The only coherence between those two items is the most shallow of them all, color, and honestly it makes you look really silly.



its not that deep relax



Lmao dude shut the fuck up



do you write a 2 pg long list of justifications every time you get dressed in the morning?




so what shoes are you supposed to wear with a bomber?

combat boots?

what pants?

cargo pants?

what shirt?

bdu shirt?


what kind of car are you supposed to drive when wear a bomber?



are you allowed to board a passenger airplanes when you wear a bomber or can you only fly planes when you are wearing a bomber?


what activities can you do and what else can you wear with victorian era leather shoes with an cushioned orthopedic sole tacked on



honestly i want to see you review every fit based on historical authenticity and practicality



welcome to the superfuture autist club



please be sure to see superfuture member kindofyoung to have the circumference of your head measured before you see me for your id badge



you will be assigned to the historical authenticity division to the left of the sufu historian group

Edited by jebeebus

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i don't think eggs have such a cut cheekbone.  or massive head wrinkles..... or a duck face.

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I'll be there this summer too, but working... I'll see some of you around!


who the fuck would wanna hang out with you

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i was wondering to myself what kind of a shitty person would wear a tee shirt that says heroin on it but then i see you also bought a shirt that says morrissey on it so i guess i got my answer


Fuck Morrissey 

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