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Good Finds (eBay/yahoo/etc.)


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Well Re-Porter finally restocked.... Someone copped Rick ponyhair dunks for $690 cad (~$640 usd). Plenty of good deals, If one of you cops those carpe boots before me I will stab you though. 


Linking the CCP grails currently for sale:

~1100 USD



USOLE Tornados ~1550 USD




Also, my wet carpe dreams. If you snake these at least let me know so I can contact you in the future about purchasing them. 



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Personally i think the low version just looks lame. Go big or go home.


Agreed, but price was reasonable till the end and low tops make more of a summer shoe I suppose. I'm not one for high tops and shorts

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yo, fuck that. use the 5 bills to buy your girlfriend some real sneakers:






IT 38.

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Tbh im not one for girls in bulky sneakers. But if that's your thing and she's into it, then good for you. It's not like I copped the drips, I just know people are always hunting for any ccp drips in 7s and 8s. 

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almost 100% sure someone in the supermarket had that jacket for sale for awhile, anyway its very unique!

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^^ just gotta hope and pray for the best most of the time.


I've lost a couple of things that way, most notably a pair of white raf velcs that were going for $130 and seemed to sell out BEFORE the sale period even came up. only explanation is that shit's available through other channels in japan, or instore.

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It's been a while since I've gone through the y.jp listings for Undercover. Here's what I found.


I love the graphics from Undercover SS 2006 so here's a few t-shirts with the Zamiang/Crowd graphics:


Size 2 Graphic Tee from Undercover SS06

Same Tee, Size 3



Not necessarily a "Good Find" because it's so expensive - but still a very cool piece. Here are some scab jeans for $500:


Undercover Size 2 Black "Scab" Jeans from SS03


(Here's a different pair of "Scab" pants in size 3 for $300)



Undercover beat to fuck white hoodie, size 3


Here's a truly good find (even though it's $200) UC x Visvim messenger bag:


Undercover Visvim Messenger Bag


I had these jeans bookmarked for 6 months because I thought I might get them but fuck it, I didn't.  But you should.


Undercover Distressed Jeans size 3


Some people don't do used wallets but some people do. If you're one of those dirty used wallet people, get this used wallet for $100 that normally retails for $450+


MA+ Origami Wallet

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