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New Styles Added: WIngs + Horns Westpoint Twill Chinos / Edwin Sen W Crafts / Atelier LaDurance

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Cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some jeans that don't fit me. Prices listed are what I'm thinking is fair but open to other offers if you've got another price in mind. I've got all measurements on hand if you require more info. Check the offerings below and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Balmain Jeans - $225.00 - SOLD


Number (n)ine Black Darted Jeans - $200.00 - SOLD


Wings + Horns West Point Twill Chino Black - $85.00


Wings + Horns West Point Twill Chino Khaki - $85.00




Wings + Horns West Point Twill Chino Navy - $125.00

Never Worn Before w/ Tags

Size 32

Made in Canada

Slim Fit



Front - http://i.imgur.com/oT1iFfS.jpg

Tag - http://i.imgur.com/EMkdZMM.jpg

Back - http://i.imgur.com/PaP16dh.jpg




Edwin Sen W Craft  - $175.00 for both pairs

For sale are two pairs of the Edwin Sen W Craft series, one pair of black denim and one pair of blue denim

Blue - worn once, too big for me

Black - Never worn

Made In Japan

Waist - 34"

Inseam - 34


Pics and info below:


"The denim itself is pretty amazing. The denim is 60% cotton and 40% paper. The paper fabric being derived from the use of Manila Hemp fibre. Edwin’s history and philosophy is printed onto this paper which is then cut into thin threads and used for the weft of the denim. The fabric make up makes for a jean with a much lighter feel to it even though its still a selvage denim.
The denim has a custom selvage line made up of colours chosen to represent Japan, the red and white from the national flag and Japanese blue. Edwin has also worked in plenty finer details to the jean as well. The checked pattern found on the zipper and on the back pocket is taken from Japanese Kabuki theatre. The W-Craft has impressive rivets and the main button has the Edwin E cut out of it and the sharpened edges of the button represent the shape used for the handles on the gates of Japanese temples and castles. The leather back patch is in deep blue and is not a perfect square, representing the sea around Japan. And finally there is a stamp on the inside of the pocket with a label that is similar to one from passport control, this is to show that this item is exported from Japan."


- Blue






Back Pockets


Back Tag



- Black






Back Pockets


Back Tag



Atelier LaDurance - Prescott - $125.00

Straight Cut

Blue Vichy Check Lining Pocket

Blue Stitched Seams and Triple Chainstitch

Made In France

Worn lightly once

Waist - 34"

Inseam - 34"

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you would like more photos.

Pics and Info Below:




Front Label


Made In France




Back Tag


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