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Although it had a terrible layout, and was almost inactive for a year before its demise, I miss the Dior Homme Multiply Group. As time goes by, it gets more difficult to find any material on Hedi's Dior. Yet, I don't find myself caring any less about the clothes produced during that era. So I am creating this thread as the place to look for Dior Homme.




The function of this thread is to provide information on all things Dior Homme. This will be the place to come for general discussion, legit checks, sizing advice, and rare pictures. Both Hedi Slimane and KVA material is welcome. 




Although this is a venue for opinions, please be diplomatic, and provide reasonable arguments. Heated debates, about when exactly it was that Hedi stopped being original, should be taken elsewhere. Knife fights are good for this sort of thing. Requests, for specific information or pictures, may be made here, but if it is more than a couple of pictures — runway collections, for example — responses should be moved to PM. Furthermore, while fit pics are welcome, this thread is not intended as niche waywt. Use your discretion. Finally, at the request of the supermods, shopping will not be done here. Members may post items currently for sale, as long as the post is relavent to discussion. Business inquiries should be made via PM.




Best of Hedi Slimane


Dior Homme Community Sale Thread


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If someone can tell me where to find complete runway pictures of Luster and Strip, then they would be my hero. 

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here is better more complete photos of:


Dior Homme AW01 - "Solitaire"



Dior Homme SS02 - "Red / Boys Don't Cry"



and YSL Rive Gauche by Hedi Slimane 97-00


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