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what's word on this? OkayOkay and i are really excited.


OK OKAYOKAY AND WESTSIDE... we have agreed to create ANOTHER superartisan thread in SUPERSHOPPER... so there will now be TWO superartisan threads... 


01 SUPERARTISAN [on superdenim] --> Superartisans Denim & Leather Brands

02 SUPERARTISAN [on supershopper] --> SUPERARTISAN [supershopper]


--> superartisan subscribers can select which thread they want to post in.

--> only subscribers will be allowed to post products in these threads.

--> threads will not be pinned 

--> you should be able to move your posts from one to another but if you have trouble just pm the mods and they will help sort you out.




and please note the posting RULES



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on it's way// ;-)


hey I subscribed a while ago, where is my supercard??

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