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Dior Homme MIJ 17.5cm jeans size 28 (rare), Saint Laurent Paris black 16cm jeans size 29 (sold out), and Dior Homme classic pointy derby shoes size 43

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Dior Homme made in Japan raw indigo denim jeans in 17.5cm cut. This model is not available anywhere online and is very rare. This model was introduced to the Dior Homme range during the Autumn and Winter 2012 season, but is no longer available in UK stores. Prior to this, the raw denim made in Japan jeans were only available in the 19cm and 21cm cut. There were some 17.5cm raw denim models released during earlier seasons, but they were made in less popular stretch denim. This model on the other hand, is exactly the same as the iconic made in Japan 19cm jeans, except they taper more from the knee to a narrower hem (the hem size in these 28s is just 15.5cm!).

The item code for the jeans is 163D004A0184, the cut is F 17.5 cm, and the tag size is 28.

The measurements for these jeans when laid flat are waist 15inches, inside leg 36 inches, and hem 15.5cm.

These jeans were purchased from the Dior Homme store for £290 during the Autumn and Winter 2012 season, and have never been worn. These jeans are 100% brand new. These jeans were bought for me as a gift, but unfortunately they are too small for me, and by the time they were given to me, it was too late to return them to the store and exchange them. I have since bought the jeans in size 29 and have included a photo of me wearing them to give you an idea of the fit.

I will sell these for £200 shipped in the UK, and £210 shipped anywhere in the world.


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Saint Laurent Paris by Hedi Slimane original low waisted 16cm skinny jeans in raw black stretch denim. These jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane and have a subtle coating that creates a patina when worn. They are completely brand new in popular size 29. They were purchased from the Saint Laurent boutique in Bond Street for £280. However they are too small for me and I was unable to return them to the store in time, so I need to sell them.

These jeans are completely sold out in Europe. I know because I have been trying to purchase them in size 30, but have not been able to do so anywhere. They have become extremely sought after, with waiting lists at all of the boutiques for when they come back into stock. They have been worn by Hedi Slimane himself, as well as the majority of the models on the runway for AW 2013. They were also featured on Gryphon O'Shea in the Saint Laurent Skinny campaign photos.

The jeans come with a fabric bag to for storing the jeans. I assume this is to protect the slight coating from getting marked). They also come with a small Saint Laurent tag, however the main sales tag was removed from the jeans by the sales assistant (all boutiques are removing sales tags for some reason. I have bought multiple items from all three London stores and all of them either ripped of the part of the tag with the code and price on, or removed the tags entirely. It's possibly to prevent re-selling, other customers will confirm this if you have any doubt). The jeans are completely brand new and haven't been worn, only tried on carefully once.

Measurements for the jeans when laid flat are waist 15inches, inseam 34 inches, and hem 16cm. For those that are unsure of sizing for saint laurent, these will fit you if you wear 28 in Dior Homme raw made in Japan jeans, and 29 in Jake and other 17.5cm washed models. However, these are a more streamlined clean cut; unlike Dior Homme jeans which were intended to be worn long and stacked, these seem to be designed to be suitable for hemming as evidenced by the models on the runway for Autumn and Winter 2013 who all had jeans that just met their boots. The hem is 16cm and then the jeans remain 16cm up towards the calf area, as opposed to Dior Homme jeans which tapered a lot towards the bottom, meaning that hemming them resulted in the loss of the skinny hem size.

Again I will sell these for £200 shipped in the UK, and £210 shipped anywhere else in the world.











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