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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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J47TS-GT-WHT (M) 8/10 missing blank white tape 2100 USD

P38-GT (M) 10/10 new from the site, tried on. 1800USD (essentially duty free) 

SP28-DS blk (M) 8/10 800 USD

All in USD, all full pack(unless stated), add on top for shipping and fees will add pics later.

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J36-S black Small - worn about 10x , hardly any patina, 9/10 - SOLD

SP28-DS Alpha XS, worn but not abused, 7-8/10 - $600

P17-S black Small - patina in high use areas 7/10 - $650

P31A-DS Raf XS - used but not abused, still lots of life. 7-8/10 - $600


P38-DS black XS


will upload the rest of the pix when i get them out of storage unit






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On 10/23/2023 at 1:06 AM, OKΛMI said:

I'm selling this rare shirt that was released as a promotion for the well known 3rdarm acronym bags.
Condition 9/10 no holes or fading. Looking for $160.
If you have any questions or want specific pictures feel free to dm me.






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J72-DS 1.1: Black, S - 9/10, full pack, SOLD

P23A-DS (2223): Black, XS - 9/10, full pack, $800

NG4-PS 1.1: Black/Silver, 9.5/10, full pack (incl. AuxZip), SOLD

NG8-PS: Black, 7.5/10, full pack, $125



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On 11/6/2023 at 5:34 PM, mikon_nikon said:


P30A-E. Large. Navy. 9/10 condition. Bag & spec inc.

€700.00 NET (shipping + fees on top).

Located in Amsterdam, shipping worldwide. 

It’s theatre season, so why not go full theatrical with these? 

Price drop to €500.00 NET.

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WTS: J105-DS Black/Black (BRAND NEW) comes with Spec Sheet and Ziplock 

Price: $1300 Shipped in US/Canada and PayPal’d FF (otherwise add 4% PayPal fees) 

Note: Price is retail plus customs, taxes and duties charges. Not making a cent on this, just breaking even.


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On 6/14/2023 at 12:32 PM, DCT said:


  • J1A GTKR - S (Brand New, just looking to trade or cash out even)
  • J1B Black - XS (Msg for pics)





  • J1B GT Black - S 
  • J68 PL Black - S
  • J58 WS - S
  • J105 DS - S
  • J83 WS - S 
  • P23A DS Black - XS
  • P10 DS - XS
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WTB J61-GTV SZ S (9.5/10 or above needed) full pack needed

WTB J29-LP SZ M 9.5/10 or above needed) full pack needed

WTS LA10-PX SZ L (10/10) euro 1205 net + shipping (from Europe or Asia)

WTS J86-GTB sz M (tried on 9.99/10) EURO 1700 shipped

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