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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 2/16/2022 at 3:00 PM, frenchbulldog said:


J72-AK — size M, 9/10, full pack (no strap, didn't come with one) ~ sold
Acronym x Nike LF1 white/white — size 11, worn thrice ~ $335
Acronym x Nike Presto pink/blue — size 11, worn thrice ~ $175

All prices PayPal F&F or Zelle + CONUS


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WTS: J84-S Black w/ Custom Mink Liner

Acronym J84-S size S in black with something special inside. Custom made mink removable liner complete with AuxZip and Cavitae slit.

- Cut to be concealed. Only you know the mink is there. No poking out the hem of the jacket (see last photo). Note that the liner is shaped like a vest, it stops at the shoulders and does not extend to the sleeves. Trust me it is warm enough.
- Button-in construction to the inner placket. Genuine horn buttons and stitching not visible externally. Liner is removable. Buttons are stitched on and thus not removable. Small snaps stitched to the internal Jacket Sling loops for additional stability, also not removable. Internal sling attachment not affected.
- Slit to access internal Cavitae chest pocket. Even Acronym stock liners like the J65 do not have this.
- Grosgrain backing on AuxZip (m) to prevent snagging fibers when deploying.
- Liner has hand-sewn suede backing and rayon lining on the leather (non-fur) side of the piece.
- Condition notes: liner brand new, J84 has light Stotz patina and otherwise in great gently used condition.
- The liner could be worn on its own if you really wanted to flex yr fur. But it is not designed as a standalone piece.

I had the fur liner made by a reputable furrier in NYC’s Garment District out of a second-hand fur garment purchased from their retail shop.

Among furs mink is known to be soft, warm and comparatively slim. The fit is regular with the cinches on the J84 at their loosest setting.

$10,000 shipped in CONUS

Disclaimer: primarily an interest check





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On 2/6/2022 at 10:25 AM, Holger said:
J77-AM / BLACK / MEDIUM / FW20 / 9/10 / 800€*
J91-WS / SCHWARZROT / MEDIUM / FW21 / 10/10 / 800€*
S27-PR / BLACK / MEDIUM / 9/10 / 150€* - SOLD
S24-DS-A / BLACK / SMALL / 10/10 / 300€* - SOLD
*full pack + free shipping within Europe (located in Germany)
Happy to share pics and answer open questions .

Bump + Price Reduction

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On 12/6/2021 at 11:53 PM, IzunaK said:

WTS GT-J34 in Olive, Size L

Comes with Bag and Spec sheet. Received brand new, worn less than ten times. 

$1000, just looking to make back some of the dough I spent on the P30A-E, since I don't wear GTX jackets much anymore. 


 J90-DS in Alpha Green, Size L, full pack. I was the sole owner, and only wore it a handful of times, but I much prefer my black version. 



P23TS-S in Black, Size M. I don't remember if this came with a bag or spec sheet, but if interested, I can see if I have it along with my collection of bags. If not, a bag can be provided. 


Can provide pics if desired, CONUS Shipping preferred. 

Bump. Sold my 3A-2. Doing some price drops as well. Also have album links to images of each piece. 

J90-DS, dropped to $675. J90 Images

GT-J34, dropped to $970. J34 Images

P23TS-S still for sale. Keeping at $1000, still unsure if I want to sell it, but will part with it for a decent price. P23TS-S Images

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wtt (wtb)

cp2-ss size S (9.9/10)

j47a-ws sz S/M (9.5/10)

j28-ws sz S (9.5/10)

for your

j28-e raf sz S (9.5/10)

s-cp2 raf sz M (9.5/10)

no sales, no need to pm me if you're not trading, cheers

but I can pay for items above

my ig: acrnm.force

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On 2/19/2022 at 4:05 AM, Deadassb said:

WTT or can straight up buy S-J1A/E-J1A or any of the older variants in a size small/med in any condition really.
Thank you

Can trade j1w-gtlp in backer grey worn sparingly if interested or other pieces dm if interested.

PENDING j36-s Night solid 9/10 full packed medium. Only very minimal patina on sleeves 1200 obo + shipping 


Found J1 thanks everyone 

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CONUS seller(s) preferred (especially if in the Tri-State area) but obviously willing to work something out with international sellers who would be utilizing an expedited shipping method.

Thank you. :)


Acquired and in hand; s/o to @chaosen for the quickest/smoothest transaction I've had here so far. 


Still WTB the following:

Small P24A-E

Small J65-AK

Black 3A-MK3

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On 11/21/2021 at 7:27 PM, bboysparrow said:

SOLD WTS: P10-DS - Black - Size Small - $200 + Shipping/Fees SOLD

SOLDWTS: P10-S - RAF Green - Size Medium - $200 + Shipping/Fees SOLD

Original owner since 2015. Let it be known that if you are looking for pristine, this isn't it. Quite the contrary, these have been worn hard and put away wet. Think of any issue that plagues your mind when looking through used offerings and know that it exists here. Rips, abrasion, pilling, tears, missing waist button, fading, missing size tag, we got it. The amount of mileage I've gotten out of these and they still look sick. Washed often, clean. These aren't shy and I got nothing to hide when it comes to these pants. I bought them for probably half the price they go retail now if that. Any questions or additional pictures let me know.

Located in US and prefer to ship only within US. Can consider International for a higher charge to deal with the pain.



Price drop from $250 per to $200.

P10-S Raf Green's sold.


There is hand stitching about 2 inches on the left leg seam where the seam broke.

there is a  hole in the left leg.

holes  in the pocket entries of both where  my hands would rub  against.


size tag is missing (it is a size small)

Any questions let me know. Cheapest P10's in existence. 


BOTH SOLD. Thank you.

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On 2/15/2022 at 9:52 AM, zoom said:

WTS - All size M, All pretty much half of retail, All brand new/full set.
J16GT / black or alpha / brand new - £840 


J16GT / Medium/ black / brand new - £799


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