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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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looking for a P10 from SS18 -

P10-DS, Black, XS


P10-S, Black, S or XS

Happy to pay retail if lightly used. 

Can pay in full outright or can trade FW1314 P10-S Black S (very recently un-deadstocked, condition 9/10) with cash on top. 

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On 16/06/2018 at 2:19 PM, sydney-dweller said:

My J1A-LP, Size L, no baggy or spec, used but in good condition. 

LF: -GT Shells, Size L/XL

This is not getting enough use where I live and would like to swap for a -GT jacket. PM me for Pics

For Sale - Looking for 1700USD All in! PM me for pics

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On 6/25/2018 at 6:30 PM, Kamikaze said:

WTB p30 medium/small. Ds preferred but will consider ch

WTS/WTT p24a raf large. 

bump. would also sell the p24a to fund the p30.

long shot but trading j47a-gt xl for a size large. might consider a large j47a ws as a last resort...

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Heads up homies, 


Looking through this thread, I've got lots of the pieces y'all are looking for [p10 in sizes s and m w/ various fabrics]. Was getting pictures if them together / finding my real fit for acrnm. Anyhow, if someone could PM me on how to best fulfill these transactions, I'd definitely appreciate it. Trying to reply to the PMs I've got but not exactly sure how to fulfill orders so I'd like some thoughts from someone more in the know. 

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Looking for the following all in size s

J28-K (Olive)
J29A (Black)
J36-GT (Black or Duo-tone)
P24A-S/DS (Black)

Have the following in size S to offer for trades

P17-S (Black)
J1B-S (Black)

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J28-K, Blue, Green or Red size M

P17-DS M 

Any conditions as long as the price reflects it.  

Have for trade: 

P23-S, Black size M 9/10

J56-GT, size M 8/10, just general wear

S19-BR, M, good condition. 


WTS: P23-S, Black M, 9/10, 1100 Eur

Shipping to/from Finland

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On ‎6‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 4:07 PM, Flipflop214 said:

Consolidated Hit list(WTBs):

J50-WS sz L

LA6B-DS sz L

P10A-CH BLK sz M

WS-P3A sz M or L (Daniel never replied to my pms, maybe it sold already)

SET-2 sz L

J28-E sz M (black or olive) 

P10-CH sz M 


Willing to trade my J57TS-SS sz L for the above items plus or minus cash


Let me help you fund your FW1819 purchases.

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