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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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MY J1a-gt in Large to trade with your j1a-gt in Medium.

3a-1 could be traded and in such case cash can be involved to make even the value.

Willing to buy out if prices reasonable.

Condition: my j1agt for receipt, purchased in 4 months ago, 

All tags and bags are well kept

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J43a sold
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On 2017-04-28 at 0:52 PM, hooper said:

FS: J34-GTPL size medium. $750 USD shipped US/CAN. +$30 to ship anywhere else.

I will post some pics when I'm home. If my memory is failing me and there are any marks or scuffs on the jacket I'll drop the price further.

edit: sold!

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J1TS-S Raf size M [with spec sheet / bag] (9.7/10)


For any of the following (+ Cash on your end):

P10A Night or Raf size M

P10-S Raf size M

P23TS Black or Night size S


Also willing to buy the items depending on your price. Thanks!

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On 6/30/2015 at 10:26 PM, upheavel said:

I wear a suit everyday to work so I basically only get to wear acronym on the weekends.  I'm also trying to size down my bag collection. I have to force myself to sell because I keep trying to buy more acronym!



i just want my first bag 

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Acronym X Nemen J28-K - Green/sand with OG all (spec sheet and bag) + cash (or other products such as cameras) for your J47A-GT size small/medium. 

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P11-CH, black, S size

HCW-C1, S size 

T-shirts from older seasons (T1, T6, etc.) in size S or M

Know I'm probably just wasting my time, but will try anyway:)

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