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france :: paris :: montmartre

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We'll stay with my class for a week in this area (our hotel is BOULEVARD ORNANO)

Do you have any place to hit during evening/night time.


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Got back from a week trip there 2 nights ago.

Shops I found really cool!

Issey Miyake in the Place Des Voges (it's on the side to your left if you enter from the South, yes it's sort of hidden in the shade walk it.).

L'eclaireur shop down Rue Malher is a must.

Rad Hourani at the top of Rue Charlot.

http://www.o-paris.com/ (the address is on the site).

Bless at 14, Rue Portefoin, 75003 Paris

Void at 2 roads down which are parrallel to Bless SERIOUSLY WORTH LOOKING FOR, LOOK FOR IT (sorry can't remember the name but I ran into it by chance when looking for Shimji only opened a monthish ago and a lot of nice discounted pieces).


These store cater to aesthetics I'm interested in so I don't know if you'll appreciate, best of luck.

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Thanks for you post I can add some shop where to go but my list is already long and I know where to shop in Paris I just don't know where to go out (clubs/original restaurant during evening times/night times/...) you didn't read the end ;)

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