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WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)

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oh for christs sake it's an oversized fitting sweater. move on more fits

guy does one fashion photoshoot and thinks he knows everything.

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What jeans are those?

He copped them shits from Rainbow

poor pic. waiting for elevator.


girlfriend's egregious cole haan lunarsomethings. deceptively comfortable.

aye Frodo Baggins do you piss on your balls ?

or is that not a stereotype?

small feet= small peen?

you also appear to be a descendant from a certain continent, so the above may still be true.

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my friend just gave me a venom tee

venom tee

carhartt sid

gap dyed thing

air force

edit: also thats the coolest fit ive seen from you felip. NICEEE

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Our legacy 'tis of thee

sweet wash of seventies

Of thee I sing;

Land where my fathers died,

Land of the pilgrims' pride,

From ev'ry mountainside

Let freedom ring!

let's take a moment of silence for those eras fallen before us.

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Got bored so did my first wdywt



Supreme Quilted Jacket

Supreme Floral polo



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That has to be the Ganryu vest from this past fall. Fucking awesome. Please tell me I'm wrong.

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shortly before seeing homi29, augustus, and jason bourne to have some of exteeng's cooookies ^_^

edit: shit, accidentally repped myself. we really need an undo rep button up in here...

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    • By LaughingBuddha
      So at one time or another, we all stumbled upon the WAYWT thread. For many it was a shock. To outsiders, it's definitely supergay.
      I know that finding a thread full of pictures of other guys seemed so bizarre, especially when tied to a topic as mundane as "what are you wearing today."
      Yet we all return, browsing, critiquing, flaming, and repping. It all draws us back.
      I know I look at WAYWT as inspiration. I never would have known that dior jeans could look good relaxed until 78 came along. I never know that pinrolling could look legit until Milspex and Sidney put their different spins on it. WAYWT opened me up to hundreds of new brands and different aesthetics.
      But more than that, it's an interesting evolution of internet personality. Look at Kix, who went from hypebeast to pinrolled white jeans. Look at Chard, who went from nudies and nikes to flatheads and vans. Look at Tangerine, who's branching into streetwear with supreme and visvim. And someone please pull up the picture of Carl in the pink dunks and huge jeans.
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      So what brings you to WAYWT.
      For posters...is it E-fame? Sharing your aesthetic with the world? Promoting your products? Earning rep?
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      dr martens x raf simons btw
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