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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2012


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"]i'm quite fond of the dark jeans and tie look"

man, that isnt a look, its a fucking abomination. Tie & jeans just looks bear stupid, always. ditch the tie, Cuff those jeans and beat up that jacket.

ben, nice barbour, looking great.

alex, is that a cohiba esplendido ?

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yoooo Moooorse! he's still a shorty but he's gettin pretty wise if u know what i mean! hope work and life is going well for ya man. what jeans u wearing these days? *when not at work lol

They get wise too quick these days! A little chubby for my jeans these days, but things are good up here. We'll have to rage NYC again some day soon..

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^ great to see you again riff. big fan of yours! :)

Yesterday @ Keuken



details @ messy room :) :


Ebbets / J-crew / サムライジーンズ 003 JP 秋 / Kukini

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