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Show us your leather


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I saw these pelts hanging over the owner's desk. I thought it looked really interesting, and was wondering what animal were those.

Its dogs. His dogs.

Mmm, quite controversial :P

Read up on footwear in the 19th century recently, and apparently dog leather was quite commonly used on workboots back then...

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A different kind of horsehide - I'm guessing the only type left more 'precious' than shell cordovan~ brain-tanned horse:




Big thanks to unlucky for sharing this dead-stock leather :)

Love the texture of the grain - the growth is unlike any other horse.

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Tuscany is a good place for leathergoods hunting, but i guess, unless your wife is a leatherfreak too, there will not be much time for that. You can always get their contact details and see if they're willing to work on something for you and ship it when it is ready. I don't know for how long, but registered mail (posta raccomandata)is one of the few cheap things left in Europe, and a wallet, a belt or whatever else will fit in the dimensional allowance for packages sent that way

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Mike, What's the thickness on that one?

13.75 oz, so approx. 5.5 mm throughout the length of the belt.

Thank you, Mike

The stock is running very low right now, we hope that we'll have restock around end of October.

Always neat and clean photos!

must spread.

Thanks for sharing mate!

Glad you like the photos...would have liked more sunlight, as we had a pretty cloudy weekend here down under.

Hopefully next week will be a bit better.

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