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Evolution of Leather Goods: Before and After Pictures

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Any recommendation for a thick, sturdy bi-fold wallet? I bought one from Leather Goods Connection a few months ago, and while it is a nice wallet, but it's begun to lose it's shape and really "bulge" in the middle. It's uncomfortable to sit on and leaves less-than-ideal fade in my jeans (I know, right). I don't want to spend more than 200 dollars.

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Saddle soap can't stain leather, can it? I applied some to the lighter inside of a used wallet and the soap didn't really spread around, leaving dark spot where the soap was. It's been like this for about an hour and a half.

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tanner goods natural billfold, had it since xmas used every day, no tanning no oil no nothing, just a ton of indigo and oils from my hands and what not, love the patina it's developed...


...just picked this up for something different from our man Zissou, amazing craftsmanship, looking forward to some evo


hard to believe the tg was the same color as the zissou piece!

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i was taking pictures cause my wallet broke so i figured i would post some full shots of the wallet in this thread. i need help trying to fix it if possible

i dont know if i lost a piece or what but the reign doesnt stay attached to the wallet because the loop piece came undone from. hope the pics make more sense than my description...



KC leather wallet 3+ years

original color


current color




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Spent the last few weeks slowly reading through this whole thread; time to start contributing. Weather hasn't been good enough to take pictures lately, so I'll start with some I took a few days ago as 'befores'.

Briefcase I thrifted for $6. Used, so not technically a before, but before for me.


Buffalo leather satchel, hand-stitched by artisan in Central Asia (bought through a fair trade merchant). Hasn't seen much wear because I never got around to punching new holes in the strap to make it short enough for me, but I think it's going to age really nicely.


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