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chasing people up for late packages - shit is getting ridiculous now.

also, if you've gotten your package and haven't posted pics yet, then do so. we've had a couple people receive packages sent before the original deadline who still haven't posted pics, which is unacceptable (hectic life changing traumatic events notwithstanding).

in any case, if you haven't posted/posted pics (you know who you are), fuck's sake, do so already, or at least let us know what is going on if superswap is the least of your worries right now. not responding to emails makes it look like you've bailed

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My package was sent probably 2-3 weeks ago? I didn't include a list but evilcrayon should be receiving(forgot to include note and take a picture):

James Heeley perfume samples -- about 8 of them. I really like.

Nomad T-shirt - from my shop SOLD OUT!

Paul Rose 17oz made in Canada Jeans 'cause I saw he enjoyed the denimz. It's a heavy pair and I hope they fit.

Super cool bear-head shoehorn I found in a random, local shop. Apparently Canadian made pewter or something

Surface to Air Apex + Nadir necklace that I received as a sample.

APC bandana.

Assorted sour gummy things.

Assorted Japanese snacks. One in particular is this noodle shit I lived on during uni. Basically, you just boil up some pasta and empty the packets into it -- it's really good but you can't eat too much of it. I think I sent the spicy fish roe flavour.

There might be more that I forgot but those were the ones I remembered..

Sorry to give it away and I hope he doesn't read this first but it's from me. I also realized I didn't put my username anywhere so at least you know where it's from!

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loz, if you check the front page, it's actually only 9 people who haven't sent yet, to the best of our knowledge. of them, 4 have been in touch RE why they haven't sent and are aiming to get stuff out ASAP, bearcousin actually can't ship because his partnah isn't answering emails asking for his current address, and only a couple of people seem like they may have flaked.

admittedly, RE those four who "got busy" when shipping time came around it's shitty to have not sent yet after making a committment to send out by the due date, but better late than never, at least.

still, lists will be made for reference in future superswaps. that's also why i'm trying to ascertain who should have posted pics by now as well (not posting pics or even acknowledging the fact that a complete stranger sent you a customised box of goodies from across the country/world is pretty fair grounds for not being able to participate in future swaps, imo).

and that sounds like an awesome package xewo

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50% of the participants haven't shipped yet from my understanding... what is this?

check the first page. the second post, by philo is the most updated one. like 9~ people haven't sent

edit: already posted by philo

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First, Thank You so much for the dope package Merry Burger!

And I apologize for the iphone pics <_<



some funny pictures, haha



Awesome note


Jay-Z pin from his concert


some DVD's. the power rangers one is from Wahoo in the last superswap


"Rare" chips and kit kat bars (I already ate the roasted chicken chips, so fucking good)


Brooklyn Nets hat


Uniqlo Socks (I am definitely in need of socks and so these are a godsend, haha)


UU tee, love this!

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