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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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why would you take in scrubs

not even female nurses/doctors care about how their scrubs fit

they'd probably get blood or waste on em anyways

Had all my scrubs tailored and made these drop crotch bottoms...Saving lives in style :)...with marc jacobs vans of course.


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star wars

s5000vx 21oz

good hue



what the fuck is this (superdenim)

why is this on sufu (superdenim)

how does he have green peen (superdenim)

good grief!


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thats just bad... all brand new everything... tucked in graphic tee... fucking yoda on the tee... i mean, i can see tucking in a tee if youre going for say a 50s type look, but it should be a white tee not a fucking yoda tee. and it helps to not be fat.

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probably hot and humid as fuck but he's wearing those 21oz cooking his balls on a low heat


no no, you don't understand! that's perfect, as he wil be sterile, and there will be no denimhead kids pissing off superfuture 7 people in 2025.

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