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Nov Spur

Spring Cleaning! APC, Acne, Cos, Uniqlo, UU Undercover, etc. (S-M)

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In doing some cleaning I've come across a pile of stuff I no longer have much use for.

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. As a somewhat reasonable person, I'm inclined to listen to like-minded individuals with regards to offers and trades. Measurements will be provided upon request to encourage open communication between buyer and seller. Any other questions or concerns? Please feel free to PM me.

First up:

Acne Striped Shirt (46) $65 60 55 50!

9/10 Condition

From their pop classics collection a few years back. In near perfect, almost unworn condition. Fits a slightly oversized 46 or regular 48.



Robert Geller Seconds T (46) $35 30


Worn a handful of times, still in very good condition. Deep neckline with a grid pattern print in a cool grey hue.




Acne Tribal Print T (Small) $25 20


Well worn, but still in good condition. Only imperfection is a tiny hole near the hem. Features asymmetrical side seam and narrow cut.




Cos Classic Navy Blazer (48) $80 75


Barely worn. Nice thin fabric, good for pushing back the sleeves and keeping cool in the spring and summer months. Single vent, two button. Slim cut.




H&M Drop Crotch Trousers (50) $25 20 15


Worn once. One of back buttons is missing below the flap pocket. Color is best represented by the second picture below, a very unique dark clay.




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+J LS Tee Black (Medium) $20 15


In excellent condition. From the first summer collection, nice thin fabric. Fits a small or a slim medium, short in the body. Color is fine, don't mind the inconsistencies in the photograph.



Cos Melange LS T (Medium) $30 25


Barely worn condition. Cool fabric, the melange has an almost oatmeal like quality that doesn't come through the camera lens. Fits a normal medium, perhaps a bit narrow in the shoulders.




H&M Elbow Patch Sweater (Small) $15


Go check it out.




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IC: APC Navy Short Jacket (Small)

Worn a few times, the navy version, not the khaki seen below. Can provide my own images if needed.


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30 for the APC nautical stripe and the Vince henley?

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      It has come to a point in my life where my personal circumstances have changed. So it is with deep regret that I must inform you all that I can no longer operate my service for free. 
      However, every cloud has a silver lining. I am willing to continue my service as there is clearly a demand for the service I offer. In this "new world" I have proposed to charge a small flat rate fee of £5 per web store order (regardless of the order cost). I feel that this is a nominal amount to pay for a proxy service, where many others would charge you a percentage of the total order (and shipping), 10% or sometimes 15%.
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