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Mr T

Best shops in your country/city/area?

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Image-Nudie, diesel, gsus, guru, g-starr, evisu, replay milano

Image 2-Armani, D&G, Boss, iceberg, paul smith, bjorn borg,

Rode Winkel- Nudie, Replay, Levi's, and all selvage denim stuff (nudie straight sven, levi's vintage etc.)

Lilith-2k t-shirts

Players-Bikkembergs (lots), Evisu, Ralph Lauren, La coste, D&G, Burberry,


Velvet-Versace, D&G, Prada, Evisu, Armani, Miu Miu, Bikkembergs,

icon_smile_cool.gif RJ-cocaina de pablo Escobar

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I take on board that Flatspot is a NICE shop but who wants nice!! If you want child labour stiched multi national corporation labels thats what nice will get you. Or you could shop at one of the most innovative, interesting, genuine, authentic, carefully sourced and sustainable items, with a decent philosophy that does not stock corporate brands. Break down your fences and loose you swoostika. Try Soullife and some brandalism. McWorld only makes you fat with cheap, sugary goods. Cleanse your mind and get a soul life.

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SP1 = Superposition 1

Located just behind the MOOKS store on George st. In the Galeries Victoria (not victoria the state)

(There was/is a SP2 in Chinatown-Market City?)

I haven't been to Sydney for about 1 year... Stock was EVISU, MOOK, LEE, CAMPER, XLARGE... GSTAR?

What about Swellstore in Sydney, oh and Mint, and INCU also in Galeries.

Add "Dakota 501" to the Melbourne list.


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Manchester is by far the best city in England for shopping (exc. London)

Top 5

Wood - Silas, Stussy, Goodenough, P.A.M, YMC, Duffer.

Oi Polloi



Richard Creme - Yohji,Comme etc.

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OK, let's go to Paris!

Lazy dog - For finest T-shirts, books, magazines, toys, street art... TOP shop!!!

Opium - Limited sneakers... miam!

Sneakers fashion - Huge range of good shoes

Tokyoite - Rare sneakers and stuff from Japan

Ozone - Sneakers too...

Homecore - French streetwear

Colette - Books, toys, sneakers, high-tech, limited editions (pricey!!!!!), water bar (who cares!!), fashion girls!

Star cow - Rare streetwear and sneakers

Clery Brice - Sneakers again & again

Pretty Clothing - Vintage adidas and nike

Royal cheese - Streetwear

Street machine - Skate shop

and many others... let's hunt!

--- Original message by YomguiBen on Apr 19, 2005 03:27 AM

youre about a month late with that post man icon_smile_sad.gif

toma açaí

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HUF - sneakers

ABFits - jeans

Giant Robot - art, magazines, toys

Azalea - hipster designers

Kid Robot - toys

NoMads - guys with emphasis on british brands

Recon - sneakers in basement

Nest - cool french/asian stuff

True - tees and hoodies

Minnie Wilde - girls local rockin designer

Behind the post office - cool, expensive girls clothing

there are more, but i'm broke...

moongirl :: cute stuff for an ugly world


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Stockholm, not mentioned by Boogieman:

Cali (Caliroots)

Perry Como


and, for a huge selection of Cheap Mondays, Weekday.

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