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FS: Samurai s001JP 31 x 33.5 MY LOSS YOUR GAIN suit some shorties!

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up for grabs is a pair of Samurai s001jp Yamato 15oz denim. i had them taken up to a 33.5" as i'm quite short at 5'7 however even after this wearing them around the house for short time i had fairly large cuffs and still had significant stacking.

i will post up full BiG style measurements tonight, but i did a short 20 minute hot soak, and a quick 7 minute hot wash and trying before and after there was little shrinkage but will put up all the measurements later. i have only tried these on for approximately 20 minutes max, i still have all the tags. they just didnt shrink as much as i would've liked.

the leather patch has some slight denim runoff which is hardly noticeable, and is a little darker with some very light crinkling. there are no fades, all creases are because i hang dried them once the 7 minute hot wash was over.

i'm asking 250USD Shipped world wide. registered.

feel free to email me at [email protected] or leave me a PM





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