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On 6/23/2019 at 7:07 AM, kbuzz said:

Hi Taylor. Is you wanted to be a touch over 36 in the stretch denim you just posted would you go 34 or 35 with a wash...thanks

Hi! I would probably go to a size 34. We updated our size charts here is the Spikes fit we use for the Standard Issues below. I've been wearing this fabric in our womens fits and it always seems to stretch a good amount about an inch in the top block, after a wash it does tighten back up but does stretch back to the original specs after wear. Let me know how it goes!

Spikes Slim Tapered Fit
Tag Size Waistband Front Rise Thigh Knee Opening Length
28 15.5 10 10.75 8 6.25 32
29 16 10 10.75 8 6.25 32
30 16.5 10.5 11 8.25 6.5 34
31 17 10.5 11.25 8.5 6.5 34
32 17.5 11 11.5 8.5 7 34
33 18.25 11.5 11.75 8.75 7.25 34
34 18.75 12 12 8.75 7.5 34
35 19 12.5 12.5 9 7.5 34
36 19.5 13 12.5 9 8 34
38 20 13.5 13.25 9.5 8 34
40 20.5 13.5 14 9.75 8.25 34
42 21.75 15 14.5 10.25 8.5 34
44 23 15.5 15 10.5 9 34
46 23.5 15.5 15 10.5 9 34

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Shell-stitch interior on the Spikes X052 American Cone Mills. This dark indigo denim has a nice thickness to it with a red-line selvedge. I believe there is a flash promo for it too, here is it below.

>>>>>Flash discount code for the X052 for 5% off! Ships US for free! Use code: x052yes658 This offer will not stay up for long. Act fast.<<<<<



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Limited Brazilian Denim Chore is almost sold out! We only have a few pieces in the shop right now.


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Ace 002 Japanese Duck selvedge shirt released last night. This is a very small batch, there is only a few left in each size.


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Our vegetable tanned leather belts are back in stock! This is that kind of leather that looks better with age! We have them available in black as well.

Railcar Veg Tan Belt


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Are you ready for your summer pair? We released a lightweight 11 ounce stretch denim in our Spikes slim tapered fit! If you are looking for some denim to beat up throughout the summer without breaking the bank, check these bad boys out!

Standard Issue 031

For the Ace Duck shirt we have sizes small and xlarge left on the site. After that we are sold out! 

Ace Japanese Duck shirt

Steven also is wearing Wolverine 1000 Mile Leather sneaker



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The Railcar Donna high waist jean features the same lightweight stretch denim as our Starlet, but in a high waist fit. The leg profile is skinny and shapes to multiple body types easily. 


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