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FS: ROY RS1 tagged 31/measured 32


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It's time to pass these on. I have some other Roys that fit me a bit better so it's time to let these go. It's a shame (for me) because these are just starting to break in.

They've had one hot soak, one hand wash, and one machine wash since late Dec 2010. These are from the first batch of Roys sold at Self Edge. I just got them back from SE where they rehemmed and fixed a few loose threads (seriously, like 3) in the crotch.

Tagged size is 31, but I streched them pretty good when I wore them wet and now after the last machine wash, the waist measures 32. Inseam is 34. Price is $150 shipped CONUS. I'll ship outside the US, but it might cost a bit more.






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