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FS SugarCane 1947 Unwashed 28 x 32

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copped these through the net and just tried them on for around 2 minutes and the crotch area is unbearably tight. not sure if they'll stretch out but to be honest i dont really want to try stretch them out. gives me love handles.

my loss is your gain, they are located here in sydney with me $210USD shipped anywhere in the world registered post.




creases are from being folded up. i will consider trades in other new jeans, looking for cuts similar to sammy s710's or something interesting. momotaro/pbj 005/007 offers will be considered and if necessary i can throw money on top to balance out. but CASH is probably best at this point in time

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NEW BUMP. so if anyone wants a pair of experiment jeans or just thrash around jeans, these are up for sale. short story is the tailor i took these too, really didnt care as much for denim or listen to what i said. so they don't seem to be wearable for me. so $60 usd ( essentially the shipping cost from australia) have a pair of SC.

the tailor has now made them short, and they are also slightly tapered.

BIg Measurements

Waist - 11"

Front RIse - 8"

Back Rise - 10.75"

Upper Thigh - 8.5"

Knee - 6"

Leg Opening - 5.5"

Inseam - 22.5"

so basically from the 32 the jeans now just come above my heel. and i'm 5"7 so you can imageine.

SO SUPER CHEAP, or i'll trade you for a hat or a tshirt or something else.

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lol why were they turned into capri's? 22" inseam seriously? Are you sure you measured right? Can't be right if they come above your heal that would be like 27"

i'd be so pissed at that tailor who did that to my jeans. probably burn his shop down.

Can you put up a fit pic? I'd be tempted to buy, but i dont understand why you would sell it if u break even with the shipping cost.

I have some used 3sixteen black coated slim fit 29" if you're into slim fit.

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