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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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428CJ Wooooow this is an awesome list indeed! 

Do you still have some space left in your room?


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10 hours ago, swiss-jeansfreak said:

428CJ Wooooow this is an awesome list indeed! 

Do you still have some space left in your room?


I have half the jeans on stacked clip hangers, and the rest in drawers. I split the jackets between my place and storage, depending on the season (lined jackets come out this time of year, and unlined ones get moved to storage).

11 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

agreed. a fine list!

like range of type ii going on!

& rising sun ranch hand is a lovely looking jkt

Yes, type II's (and I's) are my favorite jacket designs.

The bleached Levi's one was worn blue when I got it. I bleached all the color out and darned some areas and fixed the buckle strap. It's going to get dyed and have the buckle replaced, but I'm not sure what color yet. I lean toward a very dark color, probably three bottles of black Rit and one bottle of color Rit. I'm thinking green, wine red, orange, or brown.

Rising Sun got the Ranch Jacket right: Type II dual pockets, but with Type I cinch, and Lee based as opposed to Levi's based. Their prices are nuts, so I leapt at one of their 40 percent off sales.

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haven't got all that many these days , sold a lot 

Conners Sewing Factory S409xxx M-ww2

Conners Sewing Factory S409xxx M-46 first half 

Conners Sewing Factory S409xxx M-46 second half

Conners Sewing Factory M-46 S406xxx ( type 1 jacket )

Conners Sewing Factory M-47

Conners / Cushman ww2 collab 



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My latest list...


Fullcount 0105xx 

Fullcount 1101xx 

Fullcount 1108xx

Fullcount 1100-14-03 WW2 (unworn)

Fullcount 1100-15 

Momotaro 0201 

Oni 517xx

Oni 517 (unworn)

RRL Slim straight

Mister Freedom Californian 54

LVC 1922 (unworn with tags)

LVC 1878 Pantaloon (unworn with tags)

LVC 1966 (Sample seconds) 

Studio D'Artisan 103

Eternal 811

Denime 66

evisu (small e red tab) 2001 hank dye plain pockets(unworn)

evisu (small e red tab) 2004 (deadstock, unworn, hand painted arcs)

Evisu 2000 No.1

Evis 2001No.2

Evis 2004 No.2 (heavily worn)

Evis 2004 No.2 (heavily worn)

Evisu 2001 No.2

Evisu Heritage Orange tab

Evis/Yamane Deluxe (bows as arcs)

Evisu Deluxe hank dye/grey weft

Tender 130 woad dye

Samurai 710xx

Edwin Sen MiJ

Warehouse DD1003XX (1945) - Current weekend wear 

Warehouse DD1003SXX (1943)

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Let's see. In purchase order:


LVC 1955 501xx (Valencia St.)

TFH F380

Samurai x Denimio S710 18oz (out of rotation because of weight gain)

Warehouse 1000xx

Samurai S5000vx 21oz

SDA D1728 (for sale)

TCB 20s (Contest pair)

LVC 1966 501xx

LVC 1976 501xx


My only really worn-in pairs are the '55 and F380, so I should be set for next few years...

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Wow all those incredible raw denim lists updated here. 

Many little raw denim museums at your homes!!

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4 hours ago, cheapmuthafukr said:

Shit... been a while since I did a inventory. Since my son wears the same size as me, he got about half of them.

I'm gonna have to make a list when I get home.

Wow I can't wait to see your inventory. 

And make sure your son is not throwing them away. Your awesome faded jeans deserve an eternal life for sure

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  • 5 weeks later...

Ok... let's see here...

1960s unbranded dungarees

Gucci black denim

Sda 103

Blue in green x full count contest

Evisu 2000 no 1

evisu paris

Evisu heritage

Made in usa selvedge 501

lvc 33501

Deadstock mid 70s 505

Late 70s 505

lvc 67505 women's(for sale)

Apc rescue

Simon miller

Jean shop rocker

1970s lee riders

Sugar cane 1945b

Amoskeag xx black

John varvatos black

Mii dior

mij dior

Not shown:

1960s lee storm rider jacket

1969 levis type 3 jacket

1960s foremost jacket

All the jeans my son wears

All the jeans my wife took when she left me

The pair of west ride I just bought on ebay.


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My collection may seem unfocused... it's the result of not letting myself spend more than $60 on anything. I'd say 75% of these were thrift store finds under $15

Edit: I'm not even much of a collector... I've probably given away at least this many jeans to friends, and cut up other pairs for patching. My collection is mainly just what I wear at any given time.

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Going to post my list here strictly for showing how small my collection is compared to others for girlfriend justification 


SugarCane -  2014 

SugarCane - “Type 3 black jeans”

Stevenson Overall Company  - 727

Stevenson Overall Company - Tiger 504 pant

Eat Dust - Fit 76 Bull Denim

LVC - 1947

TCB - 70s Bush Pant

TCB - Seamans Trouser

TCB - Orange Tabs (just remembered that I own these, havent seen them in around my place since sometime last year)

TCB - 20s contest

Knickerbocker MFG - Central Pant

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A little madness reminder since the last time.


90's Lee 101Z

Levi's 501 STF
Steel Feather SF0121
Samurai S710XX
Samurai S0500XX
Studio D'Artisan SD-101
Warehouse 1001
Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim)
Warehouse 15th anniversary 1105
Warehouse 800 cotton/linen
Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse)
Denime 66 McCoys-era
Denime 517 Orizzonti-era
Denime 10th anniversary 1937
Fullcount 1101
Evisu 2001 No.1
Sugar Cane SC40400
TCB 50's
TCB 60's
Resolute 710
Roy RS01
Denimbridge lot. 2
Flathead 3005
Eternal 888
Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim
Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX



Denime 506 Orizzonti-era
Sugar Cane 1953
TCB 30's jacket
Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition

New stuff since last year:

Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair)
Warehouse 1003SXX
TCB 20's contest jeans

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From most to least worn roughly

- Warehouse 1000xx

- Iron Heart 633s

- LVC 606s (thrifted)

- Early 70s 505s (thrifted, cut into shorts)

- 50s/60s Penny's Big Mac carpenter pants (thrifted)

- Flathead 3009 


- Sugar Cane 1953

- Wrangler late 60s selvedge 124MJ (thrifted)

- Warehouse 3076 denim shirt

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In the current rotation i've got: 

blue jeans

TCB 20's contest


Samurai s710xx

other jeans

well faded Japan Blue x Blue Owl Workshop JBO-420

Burgusplus 770zr

retired and lost in time

N&F frankenstein/rainbow core/green denim

Nudie Slim Jim

Japan Blue JB-401


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here’s my worn stuff in somewhat of a chronological order:

nudie slim jim

apc new cure

skull 5010xx 6x6

eternal BiG 811xxx contest jeans

roy contest jeans

ooe yofukuten 57 fabric 02xx fit

dubbleworks 660

tcb i think 50’s cut contest jeans from 2014

resolute 66 cut


sugarcane 1947

devis s01xx contest jeans

fullcount 1108xx


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Jeans in order of acquisition

Senio SE-028 (beaters)

Fullcount 1108XX

3sixteen ST-120X

Pure Blue Japan XX-015

Sugar Cane 2009

Freewheelers 601XX

Trophy 1507 (unworn)


Sugar Cane Type II indigo

Kapital Indigo No.4

JWJ El Patron cotton/hemp

Dixon Rand Jack of Diamonds oxblood

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I think it's been awhile since I posted in here.
I believe this is a pretty comprehensive list, but I may be missing a pair here or there.
Organized alphabetically.

Boncoura XX
Conners Sewing Factory M1946 1st half
Dry Bones x Self Edge 19 Natural Indigo
Flat Head 2111
Fullcount 1101
Fullcount 1101PH
Iron Heart 634S-B
Levis Vintage Clothing 1976
Mister Freedom Lot 64 Okinawa
Momotaro 1705
Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX
Ooe Yofukuten 1702XX
Ooe Yofukuten Saddle Pants
Ooe Yofukuten DB01
Pure Blue Japan XX-009
Real Japan Blue 105BSP
Real McCoy's 991
Resolute 711
Rogue Territory Stanton
Roy Kinda Special
Roy All Duck
Roy RT1002
Roy Test Lot
Roy RS02 Nihon Menpu
Roy Memorial Jeans
Samurai 710OG
Strike Gold 2105
TCB 20's
Warehouse 1001
Warehouse x Hinoya 1001HXX

Some pairs that I have sold.

Rogue Territory RK-ISC
Left Field Cone Greasers
Studio D'Artisan D1538XX-B
Strike Gold 5105
Warehouse 1001 Natural Indigo
Iron Heart x Self Edge 22 633S
Stevenson Overall Co. 714

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I've tried every Japanese brand around between 2006-2015. Often twice. Also, KMW, Jeans Shop, APC, LVC, Left Field, Roy, Tellason Uniqlo, and JCrew and Gap. Current rotation: Oni (3), Momotaro (3) Tanuki (4), Studio D'Artisan (1). About to pull trigger on more Flat Head.


If I totaled everything I've spent on Denim, I would be worried about myself.

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Wow impressing denim collection lists around. Some of you guys really have a little raw denim museum at home!!!!

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On 1/18/2018 at 5:23 PM, swiss-jeansfreak said:

Wow impressing denim collection lists around. Some of you guys really have a little raw denim museum at home!!!!

Are you looking for donations? ; )

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On 21.1.2018 at 12:25 AM, mlyngard said:

Are you looking for donations? ; )


The Jeansmuseum is always happy to give some retired but well loved jeans or denim jackets an eternal life no matter how trashed. With showing people strong denim evo on many samples and brands the raw denim spirit shall be kept alive. 

In case of any donation add date and place of purchase if known and your superfuture name so I can let you know about their arrival.

You can ship cheapest way to

Ruedi Karrer

Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings

Wibichstrasse 90

8037 Zuerich



Mark the value as free museum sample. 

And let me know if you need some help for covering shipping cost.

Whenever visiting Switzerland, stop at my place. Whete do you live?

Have a great  day

Ruedi Karrer

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