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i'll be at the aforementioned places this summer and i want to spend a lot of money on cool things.

i'll be able to go off of superfuture's map for paris, but does anyone know of any shops that would be good to stop at for any of the other places?

i like:



stores like http://www.grandism.com

hot dogs


local culture

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I popped into the Grand, bought some stuff and then asked for suggestions for nights out in Zurich, the bloke was super helpful, even printed out a map ... ended up bar hopping around Langstrasse, it was ace, saw some great dj's, bands - including Disco Drive from Italy [http://www.discodrive.org], who rocked it.

Then hooked up with a mate who lives there - said Langstrasse is the place

Also check out Rote Fabrik [http://www.rotefabrik.ch] for drinks, smoking, bands, fun times and walks on the beach ...

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