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31Eternal 811 RED TAB ONE WASH NEW TAGS 30


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done transactions with references include: shubharamani, carl, flash, dino might!, kwonster, destructodisk, what, peteyross, babag, denimdad, scoki, hanginsoul, poly800rock, cityhunter, nairb49, giulianoa-11, Reggie Died, soundbomber, doctorgnar, QuestionableUser, btkrull, billiamphan, CyberPunk, abstract bM, 1995chardx, corter, mrpenguin354, werealldeadends, partytaco, Chponglasia, individualsole, technicolor, doctorgnar, alleyooptroop, itsmedeka, Maui, vivalaalec, landstander, kit714, steveeD, Wesley Pipes, locallau, revio, le14, lmaozedong, anhtice, superbob365, amo te, elnatural, staygold, $$pe_Japan, Prisoner, headtowall, herpsky, heresjohnny, dadave, Case kaws&effect, corter, acidline, that_was_easy and more

email me at [email protected] with any questions.

all prices include shipping and confirmation.

ebay feedback is 1019 under chan011 and 100%

these fit like a 30 even though they are tagged 31. brand new never got around to wearing them and left the tags on them. wanted to keep them but got the contest eternals instead so these can go.

red tab and all that good stuff. one wash tags included.

i was lazy and didnt want to take off my 50mm so if some of the pics looks distorted sorry. you know what the jeans look like so if you really want more pics i can take some.

price $180 shipped SOLD


waist 30

front rise 10.5

back rise 14

thigh 10.5

hem 8

inseam 32.5

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