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Pure Blue Japan


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It would help if we had a full fit pic as it helps display the proportions. A big cuff looks better on a really tall person as opposed to a shorter person. But also that looks perdyy big.

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I've recieved the tracking number, but Mahoto told me my pair could be stuck at the FedEx office as the're hit by a typhoon currently, as the shipping info wasn't updated since thursday.

If you haven't recieved a tracking number, I suggest you mailing Mahoto, as he mostly replies pretty quickly.

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No contest pair and no shipping info! I'm getting a little disappointed with how the contest is being organized actually.

I'd give them a little benefit of the doubt. Denimio is a small outfit and PBJ has never really done a contest like this. Considering it's just one or two people shipping out 200 pairs of jeans to different addresses, not to mention some needing to be hemmed, that's a lot to ask.

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Likewise - mine are en route and should be here on Tuesday.


Also, a bunch of us on /r/rawdenim have decided we're going to tag all Instagram pictures of our contest jeans with #PBJGreenLeaf so we can all keep track of each other's progress there.  Those of you here who use Instagram should do the same!

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Take 5 X PBJ

2 years or maybe 3. I forget. Few washes in the beginning but then I just didn't care later on and washed when I felt like it.





Gotta get crotch fixed but man the slubbiness of PBJ is unreal.

Pretty nice - get them fixed, they need more wear!

Got the same pair. It took 3 pairs for me figure out the right sizing.

I have put in some wear, but I have to get them hemmed now to a perfect length - the current length is annoying me and some retailers refuse to hem jeans to cm measurements or 1/2 inches...

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My contest pair is in!  As I worried, they are pretty damn tight in the legs pre-soak - in the knees, calf and some of the thigh.  The waist is a tad large, but I'm not worried since I can always wear a belt with them.  I'm giving them a fairly cold soak now and will have to only wash cold from here on in.  I think I'm gonna have some massive knee bags on this pair!


Here's some pictures(I put them under a spoiler in case you are waiting to see the details yourself in person before seeing pictures on the internet):







^ The patch has a faded pair of jeans instead of a normal pair and also includes the words "From Syoaiya with love" at the bottom.



^ I am contestant number 37!






I didn't take any pictures of the crazy slub - you all know what it looks like already!

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