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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Spent the holiday in the rural town where my dad grew up.  Last year I could see the place was dying, but this time it was dead.  Only businesses left are one large food mart, three bars and a couple restaurants.  The one high school barely has enough kids attending to stay open.  Real depressing.  Can't get back to the city soon enough.

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u ever have a cheeky bant with the lads over Nando's?


always, nothin but banter 24/7



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not to mention fucking terrifying


yeah i thought so too, same with my brother. watched it at home with my mom over christmas and she didnt think it was scary at all. i think it has to do with age, as a young adult i found that scary because of the potential whereas i think she watched it with a sense of relief, without giving anything away i think that makes enough sense...

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i was split in between, "well that was racist" and the commentary on American ignorance. i believe Franco at least is fairly well educated and probably wouldn't use racism for cheap laughs, rather a vessel to make a statement about societal issues. (i guess dude has phd from Yale in Lit?) anyways, at end of the day it was just another comedy that some hackers created a lot of hype for. was ok, laughed, didnt laugh, acting was good at times, acting was terrible. maybe that was the point. racist scenes usually coincided with bad acting.....ramblings of lit major i guess.

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it was watchable...  barely.  few chuckles, everything else was meh.  i hate that they would go for the stupidly easy racist gags at times like:

"haha his last name is dong." or some sort of dog eating joke.  you didn't need a 44 million dollar budget to make such easy jokes.


btw, ed is right.  the opening scene sucked hard.  would have my phone nearby to use during those crappy scenes.

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You don't know corny until you've worked at an Urban Outfitters in a wealthy Caucasian - dominated part of town


In a mall


On boxing day


Some coworkers are really great people but there's alot of tumblr girls and I always thought the "tumblr girl" thing was just a joke UNTIL I MET THEM IN PERSON AND THEY ARE EXACTLY HOW YOU'D EXPECT THEM TO BE ("tee bee aych" "about to drop a hot mixtape" *crouch and pose awkwardly while throwin up peace signs with both hands* "ha ha "alternative" internet humor")


Even the music is corny and it sometimes pisses me off so much, it just sounds so blatantly shitty yet it's part of some "curated" playlist from the "tastemakers" over at head offices and it gets changed maybe once a NEVER


The constant display of weed culture is also annoying we have fucking weed everything


Weed socks weed cookbooks we play songs about weed


Why are weed socks even a thing like why do you feel the need to do this


Next time I see someone wearing weed socks I swear I'm just going to ask them HEY DO YOU SMOKE MARIJUANA


Fuck usually I don't complain about my job but had to work today with a nasty cold and indigestion problems and god damn it was a shitty shift, every single little thing pissed me off


I can't even complain though, exactly a year ago I was the bitch boy at a restaurant washing dishes 30 hours a week


And now I'm a bitch boy at an Urban Outfitters which isn't as bad I guess


This probably belongs in the shit you hate thread but oh well


Edit : And holy shit some people's consumption habits are seriously confusing and almost even disgusting sometimes but I'll save that one for another time


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