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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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sometimes the truth is Ice Cold

My ex is a child of a pretty fucked up divorce. From time to time she'd come to me crying because her mother had told her that there was too much of her father in her, this reckless selfish guy who always put himself first and didn't really care who he hurt in doing so. She really doesn't respect her dad, so being compared to him was always pretty harsh for her. I always hugged her and defended her and made her feel better.

This morning I told her that her mother was right, and had been all along. She started crying and asked how the fuck she was supposed to go to a clinical placement with that on her mind. I told her that it wasn't really my concern, hung up and went back to bed.

It was pretty icy. It was pretty true.

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I'm working with an international student on a writing assignment and she wanted me to correct the paper before I submit it online. The thing is, the whole paper is bad. I don't know if I should rewrite the whole thing or just partially rewrite and hopefully not get penalized because she's bad at english.

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my brother's wife is Muslim. she recently got pregnant. out of curiosity, i asked if she still had to participate in the fasting aspect of Ramadan, and she said no

i was relieved, but also genuinely surprised

wait, what? why are you surprised?

she doesn't have to fast, but she can if her dr says its ok and she wants to.

its not like omg u can't eat, suck dick. its a time for meditation, prayer, self improvement, strengthening your faith, etc.

you shouldn't be thinking sexual thoughts or curse n such so it benefits you as an individual because you learn will power.

anyway, congrats on your new niece or nephew!!

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