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5 hours ago, saskey said:

Thank you @Roofmann and @zxcvbnnn for the input with the J99. Really interested in this piece. Owning a J61-GT, would that be the perfect liner or do you (or anybody else that wants to chime in) see the J99 as the perfect liner? Kind of unsure because the J99 does not offer auxzip. Or is the J99 more to be seen as a stand alone piece. THX.

the J99 doesn't need a liner because it is very well insulated. I normally just wear a shirt under it. When its get really cold (I am in Canada) I will probably wear my J-78-PX under it and that should be plenty.

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8 hours ago, Roofmann said:

I got my J99 a short time ago. Yes it fits big! I normally wear an XL but because of the specs, I ordered and L. It still fits quite large and I rhink I could have ordered an M.

If you consider buying it go down 1 size or even 2.

It is very warm . . the warmest ACR piece I own. It is well-designed with lots of pockets and I was glad to see it has a YKK zipper which is nice and smooth.I have  similar ACR coat with the Ra******* zipper (I can never remember the full name) and it jams and sticks on a regular basis.


Thank you for your feedback and thoughts but please do not size down on the j99 and more so in general, overall Acrnm clothing. 

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On 12/15/2021 at 9:32 AM, FelixRevolt said:

Anyone having fun with the vest (V5-PX)?

oh yeah, amazing piece. light but gives you enough warmth in the chest, so your arms could be less sweaty. Works really well with J99, you just wear V5-PX on top of t-shirt and cover everything with coat. You don't even need to zip it, it's still would be cozy enough.

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On 12/23/2021 at 5:10 AM, djmindtricks said:

More fits with the upcoming collection from the legend himself 


This collection is totally trash... i have huge respect for E as a designer, but this is unforgettable.

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Werd on the street the upcoming Nike colab silently dropped at Nike Lab 21M.

Tried on the jacket in S and M. Both fit nice but preferred a more fitted feeling for this one. I like most aspects about it but I am meh about the fraying cut out acr symbols on the left arm. I can't see a long future for them to stay in tact. 

I also tried on the pants in XS and M - M is my true size but they fit really baggy and has a pretty excessive drop crotch so I went with the XS. Refer to 3rd and 4th pic with the M pant in white. Also the shirt in M.

...Ended up picking up the jacket ($300) in S and pants ($180) in XS. 

For ref (I am 5'9 at 156 pounds)




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mainly looking to trade for other pieces for the jacket! keeping the pants :(:


re edit:

Didn't mean to offend anyone with the down votes but all I intended was to openly share information about how the clothes fit and cost for anyone curious about the collab like I was. Ultimately I decided the jacket was something I was willing to let go so I posted it up on the FB group without much thought.

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On 12/27/2021 at 12:55 AM, jeddyhsu said:

Hey this was me! I think we've all got Deep Pocketsæ around here, I just happen to also be incredibly financially irresponsible.

I'm moving right now but I'll try to take some pics next week or so

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3 hours ago, eidolarr said:

I think we've all got Deep Pocketsæ around here

the guy who goes around asking dudes in supercars what they do for a living should go around asking dudes in acr what they do for a living

so anyway, what do you guys do lol

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