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Just replaced the cardboard base I’ve been placing in my 3rdArm-1 to maintain its boxy silhouette.




I’ve seen 3a-1 base’s sag due to the bag being over-stuffed/weighed down, and added a lightweight flooring to try and fix that.


Here’s the deformation with a single 32 oz. Hydro Flask, and here’s the deformation with the cardboard insert + Hydro Flask.



My only gripe is that the cardboard still bends and must be replaced when too out of shape. I don’t have a more solid material to insert without tearing up the inner X-pac or jabbing into my sides. 

If you’re interested in adding your own base, the cardboard’s dimensions are 5.12 x 13.25 inches.

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On 12/27/2020 at 9:00 AM, zxcvbnnn said:

really satisfied with the j68!


What boots? Please share a pic!

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On 1/14/2021 at 5:55 AM, dixonschneider said:

Should i be worried about GT seams coming off like this? Any way to easily re-glue this?


You can use Tenacious Tape to patch the tape or try to re-glue it. If you're properly caring for the jacket and the delamination is localized to that spot, there's no need to worry really. 

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That's not delam., just failing seam adhesive. Use a Gore-Tex specific product (McNett makes many), tho I'd try to actually get the seam tape re-adhered instead of 'patching' over.

If that's an older jacket, then I'd say there's not much cause for concern. Doesn't appear to be any soiling, etc.

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