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Uniqlo S/S 11

fallen angels

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for some reason they aren't on the site at the moment, which is weird because i've been buying them for years. i don't know if these are the same US 'extra slim' oxfords, but the japanese ones i was talking about are called the 'slim fit oxford shirt'. they fit very narrow and are obviously jp sized - i am M in most buttonups but need an L in these, even then they are a little short on the arms. i could probably wear an XL for a looser fit, but since they are slim that's pretty redundant. i'm 6'1 for reference.


edit: they have just this colour combo in slim fit.

this is the regular oxford, normally the slim fit ones would be available in these colours too.


オックスフォードシャツ = oxford shirt.

スリムフィット = slim fit.

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good call on the APC comparison. are they (the qlo oxfords) short on you too mellow? i've never had experience with US uniqlo. if the tail and the sleeves were just a littttttttttttle longer it would be completely perfect in terms of fit (and for $30ish a pop).

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