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Ventura v-tec Alpha by Hannes Wettstein: AW YEAH

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(here: http://www.uhren-schmuck.de/aktuelles/watchnews/20030424094634.shtml and here: http://www.ventura.ch/)

Hannes Wettstein has done it again for Ventura. This is the digital watch purists have been waiting for: no bells and whistles, just an uncompromising attention to detail, coupled to an enjoyable heft and solidity.

I went over to the MoMA design store on 53rd Street and had them show me one, more out of curiosity than anything else. (I bought a v-matic as my "first serious adult watch" when I turned 30 and sort of promised myself I'd never buy another, so I haven't really been in the market.)

The first thing you notice is that the case inflects about a fifth of the way in from the top, resulting in a surprising but ultimately correct-feeling shape; the second thing you notice is that the single "control" is a pleasingly knurled roller knob. (Ventura regrettably refers to this as, ahem, the "EasySkrollâ„¢ operating system.") What I particularly like about the v-tec Alpha is that all of its functions are accessible via this knob, in about as intuitive a manner as one could hope for. Nicely executed all around - the kind of watch you might imagine Astronaut Dave Bowman wearing, before his little trip through the stargate.

I have yet to see anyone actually sporting one of these, but dag, I may well have to be the first...

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