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Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture x Styleforum = SEXDBXSXS12


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Sup here are my fit pics! Size 30. I can already see a shade of blue coming out on the pocketbags. pocketbag fades ftw.



For sizing reference I am a size 28 in the sexdb09, size 29 in skulls 5010s, and a size 29 in s710s. I'm 5'4 and i weigh probably around 145ish right now.

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Fit pics with red ds for comparison as promised, pretty much useless since no one has red ds ha. Red Ds sz. 30, SExDBxSFxSF12 sz 31. Need to get them hemmed....





deleted / in the first [/img] and you will be fine.

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iGit. How does the rise compare to the 09 db's. I know it's higher but it looks a lot higher. Also, how does the size of the rear pockets compare to the 09's. TIA

Hey! The rise is a little bit higher then the 09 dbs, but lower then s710s. The pockets are also a lot bigger then the 09dbs too.

I soaked them for 45 minutes in the hottest tap water. I changed the water every 20 minutes.

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Guys, do these jeans have a carrot shape at all? In some pics the thights look wider and the leg opening quite tapered.

Although the leg tapers some, the hips and thighs are fairly slim and straight, so it's really not that severe of a taper. The Red Ds definitely have a wider thigh and hip with the same leg opening. These seem like they're the fit a lot of people here on SuFu want, without having to size down. Check the size charts on SE.

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