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Why you selling that tee?

What season is that from?

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does this happen to anybody else who owns 1001/3001, that the stacks always come out of place when you walk and you gotta fix it again. like the stacks look too bulgy and weird, and you gotta pull it back to fix it.....iono getting sorta annoying imo

get them hemmed

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Wow, so this is my first post on here after finally getting through that registration process. I have been lurking on this forum for months and have taken lots of inspiration about the new denim-wear style....hell, about styles in general. Unless you count the the ones that slowly worked their way up, five years later, to the regressive backwaters we all called home....living with no TV or toilets and wiping our asses with oak leaves. This place is like a panaceae of inspiration. BTW I am not kidding about any of the above.

So now Ive gotten my second pair of jeans. My first are RRL straight legs, which are very comfy if a little diaper-looking in the butt. The ones I just received are Flathead F380's. I am really impressed by the qualities of the denim itself......outstanding texture and really solid feel. I am hoping for a little give in the upper thighs as they fit a bit snug, but I figure some hard wear will loosen them up.

Also, many thanks to Vinneus for these jeans. I only just paid for them, and they already arrived all the way from the East Coast. They showed up clean and well folded, and even had the original cuffs and tags, so thanks for the great service. I will take some photos as the weather clears and the camera is figured out.


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X-post from SEXFH threak

SEXFH05 size 29 , 9-10 washes, 15-16 month total wear.

After the final wash:



Sad ...i cant fit into them anymore. Thought I throw up one last picture of them before them rest in the dark.

I guess my next pair would still be a FH but a striaght cut this time..

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x-post from another Forum (Somet vs. Flat Head).

Start: Jan 1, 2010. Worn 2.5 months continuous. Retired (for me) from rotation. Just got too slim after second soak.

Two soaks, two washes. Initial soak and at three weeks or so. First wash at eight weeks, last at ten weeks. Worn for ten weeks continuously, not worn at all final two weeks of March.

Pictures taken 6pm, natural indirect light. No saturation or contrast adjustments made to pictures. Apologies for any washed out areas.









And the cycle continues....



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LC those are sweet. I kind of wish I had bought a pair of those, but I think they were sold out in February.. question: is it an awful idea to take my 1001s (which have a modest 4 weeks wear) and taper in the leg opening a little to look more like the SEXFH05s?


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MLYNGARD, Why so many washes at only 2.5 months? that beats the purpose of having raw denim. for your s5001 I would wait 8-12 months after your first initial flat head soak.

wth...seriously?? maybe they got dirty or something o.O

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wth...seriously?? maybe they got dirty or something o.O

I'm sorry to get you mad, for me raw jeans get better honeycombs and whiskers when they get worn for as long as possible without washing or soaking. the only way I would soak my jeans again after the initial soak is if they get really dirty, if your jeans get dirty enough that you have to clean them 4 times in 2 months then there is something wrong with you. don't mean to offend you.

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