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i shoot flim now too

BTW what film do you guys use for day and night street photography.

Day: low ISO. Tend to shoot ektachrome, velvia for landscape, proviaF if I can't get ekta for fashion/portrait work. Depends on what I am going for and the kind of color i want to see. B&W if it's daytime I shoot PanF50.

Night: High ISO. Everything else doesn't matter so much. Technically a lot of people have very specific preferences for high ISO film(Tri-X, whatever) but honestly for street photography I think you should just shoot with whatever you can use at first until you get used to the low light profiles.

Basically don't worry about specific film to use until you are comfortable using your film camera. Don't get caught up in the gear - photogs who use their gear as some sort of e-peen are pathetic.


Google Daido Moriyama. Possibly the most influential Japanese street photographer, and his work(including the history behind it) is amazing. Basically like a Japanese Cartier-Bresson.

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This lens just arrived from eBay, unfortunately with a scratch on the front element:


Planning to mount on an m4/3 body, but my FD adapter is still in the mail so I can't test for myself yet. I've never used a scratched lens before so I don't have much frame of reference here. Any idea what effect the above is likely to have on image quality?

So as not to be completely off-topic:


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